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Choose your words wisely! The customer service words and phrases are so crucial in every CS strategy. The terms and phrases can significantly influence and shape their opinion about our brand and product in communicating with customers. They also have an impact on customers' decisions. This article covers some of the most useful phrases you can use and explain what they mean in communicating with customers.

Positive Customer Service Words for Greeting Customers

The first words and sentences in customer service interaction are the most important ones. They set the stage for all future communications.

The greeting part should be positive, warm, and genuine. Knowing the CS representative by name is important, too, as it conveys a kind of personal connection.

Here are a few greeting messages for customer service which have been tried and proved successful:

  • Good morning. Thank you for calling. How may I help you?
  • Hello, thank you for calling. My name is [first name]. How may I help you today?
  • Thank you for calling us. I am [first name]. How can I help you?

Positive Phrases for Customer Service Dealing with Angry Customers

Interacting with angry consumers can be tricky. It is critical to be energetic, and the goal is to influence the customer's mood positively.

It is critical to have the right customer service words while dealing with angry customers. When dealing with angry or disgruntled consumers, it is best to maintain a formal demeanour.

Here are some helpful customer service words and phrases for handling angry customers:

  • I completely understand how you feel [last name].
  • I want to call you back to give you an update; when would be the best time to reach you?
  • Thank you for being so understanding [last name]. We do everything we can to solve the problem quickly.

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Positive Customer Service Words for Attending to Customer Needs

Sometimes even the most professional customer service representatives do not know the answers to the issues, which is okay.

Some problems go beyond the frequently asked questions and may need more research to address thoroughly.

Saying positive customer service and attending to customer needs shows that we take that extra step to solve the problem.

You might ask the customer if they mind waiting on hold for a few moments while you look for a solution. You can also phone them back with the response.

However, always make sure you get back to the customer with the proper answer and do not commit to a deadline you cannot meet.

If you do not know how long it will take you to resolve the problem, it is best not to give a period and say "as soon as possible" or "very soon."

Here are some other ways to attend to customers' needs and make a pleasant experience for them:

  • Let me look into it.
  • Let me get back to you on this.
  • Let me look into that for you right now.

Customer Service Words and Phrases for Offering Assistance

By employing suitable customer service words and phrases, you can put customers at ease and show them that you appreciate their efforts.

Customers may be embarrassed to send messages or make phone calls regarding minor difficulties.

Positive customer service words encourage consumers that no question is too small for the customer service representative to handle.

When offering assistance, keep in mind that your body language influences the tone of your speech.

So make an effort to smile cheerfully! Smiles have a distinct sound and are infectious. They go a long way in interacting with customers.

Here are some excellent customer service words and phrases for assisting the customers:

  • It is my pleasure to be of assistance.
  • You can always count on us for help.
  • We would be happy to make things better.

Positive Phrases for Customer Service in Expressing Appreciation

Expressing appreciation is not merely a matter of good manners. It shows kindness and helps strengthen bonds between customer service and customers.

Using a simple "Thank you" is an effective way to tell customers that you are grateful for their presence.

Instead of going to a rival business, you tell them to reach out to you when they encounter a problem.

Customer service representatives can deliver a "Thank you" at many points of the conversation, thanking customers for getting in touch with you, their valuable feedback, or their patience.

You may always learn something new from your contacts with clients, which is something to be grateful for.

Customers deserve praise for providing honest feedback on your products or services, whether positive or destructive.

There are some perfect phrases customer service words to use and show how any feedback is appreciated.

Using encouraging customer service words in such situations will give customers great confidence in coming up with feedback.

There are some other ways of saying thank you and expressing appreciation in communicating with customers:

  • I appreciate your…
  • Kudos to you for…
  • I am sincerely grateful for…

Showing Empathy with Positive Phrases for Customer Service

We have all been customers at some point in our lives. Many of us have been disappointed or annoyed by customer service. Demonstrate empathy when speaking with customers.

It is entirely natural to expect your company's products and services to operate as described and to voice disappointment if they do not.

The correct customer service terms for expressing empathy convey sincerity and demonstrate to clients that the customer service representative knows and cares about them.

There are some ways to show compassion in customer service communications:

  • That would upset me, too.
  • I can completely relate to this situation.
  • This problem would have similarly frustrated me.

Customer Service Words to Use for Redirecting the Conversation

It is sometimes unavoidable that we must direct customers to another location. But, on the other hand, nobody enjoys being the one who is passed about.

It is also inconvenient for clients to repeatedly recount their concerns only to be told that the agent cannot help them.

As a result, please double-check that the individual or department you refer the client to is better equipped to assist them.

It is also beneficial to use help desk software to track support tickets from numerous channels, which saves clients the time and effort of having to repeat themselves.

There are many positive customer service words to redirect the conversation, including:

  • Let me forward you to our experienced expert on this matter.
  • Could you please wait a moment while I contact our specialist?
  • Allow me to transfer this call to our specialist, who will be able to assist you better.

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Customer Service Words to Use for Apologizing

There is no more powerful and more straightforward phrase than "I'm sorry" for apologizing and expressing sympathy.

The customer service representative can explain what they apologize for, such as "I'm sorry about the inconvenience in using the website" or "I'm sorry for the delay in delivery."

They acknowledge the shortcoming on the company's part and follow this up with a proper solution, like, "Let me tell you exactly how to use the application."

By apologizing correctly, the business shows it is prone to mistakes and always ready to admit it, offer the solution, and improve the process.

Some customer service providers avoid apologizing altogether because it seems weak or sounds like an admission of guilt!

On the other hand, customers value an apology over monetary compensation, according to surveys.

However, always use discretion and moderation while using language. It comes out as cheap and insincere when you say, "I'm sorry" too much. So please do not go overboard.

Apologizing to a customer who makes a mistake can be condescending: "I'm sorry you didn't understand the directions." Use these words and mean them when it is appropriate.

These are some other positive customer service words of expressing regret:

  • I am deeply sorry.
  • My greatest apologies.
  • I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

Reassuring the Customer with Positive Customer Service Words

It demonstrates a desire to find a solution to the problem, and it is also a guarantee that you will be able to make things right.

There is no need for you to refer the problem to another department or have them call you again. So, concisely, you are the one who bears responsibility.

There are many ways to reassure the customers:

  • I will get this sorted out.
  • I will fix these issues for you.
  • I will make sure that this gets resolved quickly for you.


Confirming the Request with the Right Customer Service Words

Right customer service words for confirming a request allow you to restate the issue to check if you have understood it well.

It allows the customer service representative to iron out any potential misunderstandings before searching for a solution.

Here are some customer service words to use for confirming the requests:

  • Let me clarify your…
  • Let me double-check it.
  • Let me confirm if I have this right.

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Giving Alternatives with Positive Customer Service Words

Clients may request items that you are unable to provide at this time. Instead of saying "no," consider what alternatives you can provide.

Positive language is emphasized. It also demonstrates that you are attentive to your customers' demands by leaving the door open to other alternatives.

Here are some other positive customer service words and phrases to give alternatives:

  • Here is what I can do for you.
  • There is another thing I can do.
  • Here is what I can offer instead.

Wrapping it up with Positive Phrases for Customer Service

It is frequently used at the end of a call to ensure that you have addressed all of the customer's concerns.

It also serves as an opportunity to ask additional inquiries. It demonstrates that you care about them and are not merely interested in them.

These customer service words phrases can wrap the conversation up in an excellent way:

  • What else can I do for you?
  • Can I help you with anything else?
  • Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Now that we have covered the correct customer service words and phrases, let us move on to one of the most critical aspects of customer service: honesty. Some of these may be something you say regularly but are sure they are worth more than just lip service. Customers, after all, do not want to deliver meaningless words!

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