Make Every Agent a Quality Superhero with Scorebuddy Coaching

Seamlessly Integrate Coaching Into Your Existing Infrastructure

No more jumping between screens. Keep all your coaching tools & data within your existing infrastructure and configure to fit your framework. Leverage QA data to ensure that every session has a definite purpose. Get full visibility into the impact of coaching on KPIs.

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Seamlessly Integrate Coaching Into Your Existing Infrastructure
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Analyze QA Data to Pinpoint Development Opportunities

Easily identify development opportunities and deliver personalized, data-driven coaching. Create custom training journeys for each agent and run sessions online or offline. Link these sessions to specific behaviors and interactions to make them more impactful.

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Assign Learning Materials and Follow-Up Tasks

Assign follow-up tasks to reinforce the importance of continuous learning and boost agent engagement. Encourage collaborative agent-supervisor relationships via real-time feedback, detailed performance insights, and tailored coaching plans.

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Swap Inconsistent Coaching for Standardized Workflows

Replace ad hoc coaching with standardized workflows to ensure exceptional CX across every agent, team, and department. Proactively identify issues and take action before they can escalate. Unlock agent potential with GROW, OSKAR, and CLEAR coaching models.

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Get Started Right Away With Built-In Templates

No need for manual configuration. Quickly set up sessions using simple templates and deliver out-of-the-box coaching in just a few clicks. Spend less time preparing sessions and more time actually working with agents.

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Scorebuddy is really user-friendly, we can tailor it to enhance our quality checks, performance tracking, and training delivery.



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Training & Quality Assurance Manager
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