Learn Effective Strategies for Managing Operations in Retail CX

We understand that for operations managers, the number one priority is revenue. That’s why we focus on insights that improve efficiencies, reduce costs and improve net operating profits. With better training, agents will be more focused and create a better retail customer experience. With tailored conversations, customer retention is easier, and agents can focus more on building a natural rapport.
Download our white paper Future-proof your contact center for the next generation of retail CX to find out more about ensuring data integrity, designing effective staff training projects based on insights, and improving sales, loyalty, and margins.

Scorebuddy Leads The Way in G2 Contact Center Quality Assurance 

Announced in June 2022, G2 – an independent research firm – has named Scorebuddy as a leader in its Contact Center Quality Assurance Grid Scores. The report evaluates providers in different categories, rated by users. Scorebuddy’s recent win means we are “highly rated by G2 users”.

“We are thrilled with our placement in the Leader Quadrant of the G2 Grid Summer Report," said Derek Corcoran, Founder and CEO, Scorebuddy. “From the very start, our platform has been designed for our customers. We help people save time, improve agent performance and enhance the customer experience. It’s really rewarding to be rated so highly for user satisfaction by customers who use Scorebuddy to reveal actionable insights and achieve their goals.”

Download the Whitepaper

Download the white paper: Future-proof your contact center for the next generation of retail CX

Scorebuddy’s Operations-First Approach

“With Scorebuddy’s QA monitoring, all the data you need is at the tip of your fingers. Make your retail contact center work harder to reduce costs, build customer value and increase productivity. Discover actionable insights and put them to work in our white paper.”


Increase revenue

Customer retention is a major contributor to ongoing profitability and revenue. By tracking NPS and CSAT scores, you get the big picture on performance, which helps to manage revenue.


Ensure data integrity

Capturing accurate, complete and consistent data is key for growing companies. It allows you to track your customers at every touchpoint.


Reducing costs

Managing costs is easier with simple communications and streamlined operations. Take control of your costs with Scorebuddy’s leading quality management platform.

Delivering the Best Customer Service Experience Every Time

“Scorebuddy has an excellent intuitive platform that has helped us grow our quality program and overall business. We love the scorecard customization and feel spoiled when it comes to all the features available. The reporting and analytics mirror the same great experience and point out root causes quickly. The agent experience and engagement features are phenomenal! We also love working with our Scorebuddy account managers. They are forward-thinking, fun to collaborate with, and overall, the most helpful team I have worked with.”

Alyssa King, Carelinx