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SB Evolve your QA with automation

Evolve your QA with automation

Expand your QA program without spending on new hires. Use AI-powered automation to reduce repetitive tasks, AI Assist to reduce evaluation times and automated workflows to assign targeted lists for evaluation, freeing up valuable QA resources.

  • Use AI to analyze 100% of conversations
  • Reduce evaluation times with AI assistance and auto-scoring
  • Implement automated workflows for increased efficiency
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Engage your agents with personalized dashboards and coaching

Engage your agents with personalized dashboards and coaching

Boost employee retention and engagement with personalized agent dashboards, immediate feedback, and tailored coaching plans.

  • Use AI to analyze every interaction and identify skill gaps
  • Deliver targeted coaching based on enriched real-world data
  • Power agent learning with a fully featured, integrated learning management system
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Uncover valuable insights with advanced QA reporting & BI

Uncover valuable insights with advanced QA reporting & BI

Leverage all that customer and QA data to spot trends and patterns. Visualize with custom dashboards designed by you for your needs. Easily share dashboards and reports across the business to inform stakeholders and management.

  • Create your own dashboards in minutes
  • Explore your QA data with embedded business intelligence
  • Understand customer sentiment with enhanced root cause analysis
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From Our Customers


Scorebuddy QA is an invaluable source of feedback-if something isn't working, this information needs to be shared immediately. Through evaluations completed on Scorebuddyy, we can analyze 100% of our interactions to identify and promptly remediate the issues that really matter to customers. 

Orla Murphy

Business Assurance Manager


Scorebuddy delivers measurable, positive change to contact centers worldwide.
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