How Sanlam increased the quality of their client resolution center & customer satisfaction with Scorebuddy

Sanlam is one of the biggest internationally active insurance groups globally, with more than 100 years of history & 250 employees spread across several different business streams. In addition, Sanlam operates across several selected global markets and contributes to its clients' financial resilience and prosperity. In addition, Sanlam is using Scorebuddy in their contact center team and has adopted the Scorebuddy scorecard into the client resolution department to increase department quality in answering clients' complaints.

  • Having integrity among all 23 individuals across contact center & client resolution teams.
  • Responding to client's complaints via email and phone calls.
  • Making sure that every client received quality and timely responses to any complaint.

A contact center puts your business at the end of a phone line. However, Sanlam needed to know that the quality of their complaint responses was of a sufficiently high standard. Scorebuddy gave them confidence with their products to get sufficient insight to provide Sanlam with information on what kind of training is needed and increase the quality of the client resolution center & customer satisfaction.

Before Scorebuddy, they couldn't discover the root cause of quality issues, they didn't have enough insight into their agent's performance, and there was no transparency. Also, because there wasn't enough data on performance, they lacked insight into what each agent needs regarding personal development & training.

  • Using the Scorebuddy Scorecard Builder & Analytics to spot the trends and areas needed to improve.

When Sanlam started working with Scorebuddy, they were thrilled to discover that the Scorecard Builder & Analytics tools gave them transparency, data & insights on their agent's performance and let them spot trends in the areas that needed improvement. Scorebuddy provides the team with an easy-to-understand scorecard to refer to. Another thing was that Scorebuddy gave Sanlam a platform to store QA results and use them to build insightful reports.

  • Increased quality of the client resolution center & customer satisfaction.
  • Visibility into training gaps and requirements for the Sanlam team.

Since deploying Scorebuddy Scorecard & Analytics, Sanlam has reduced its repeated errors, and by spotting more trends, they improved their performance in the client resolution department.

  • Consistently reduce repeated errors.
  • Avoid unnecessary customer experience mistakes.
  • Feel empowered and motivated.
  • Gain real-time feedback on their performance & Improve performance data.
  • Obtain valuable metrics and data to make trustworthy, educated decisions.

Scorebuddy allows me to quickly spot trends and areas for improvement within the team with its Scorecards & Analytics, enabling me to manage, coach, and improve my team.

Leonie Cooper, Sanlam Client Resolution Manager