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Scale Your Quality Assurance
With Scorebuddy

Streamline Contact Center Operations with Automated QA

Automate manual, repetitive tasks to speed up the evaluation process and do more with less. Focus your resources on what really matters—improving agent performance and delivering better customer service. Personalized dashboards enable real-time feedback, highlighting the most urgent QA issues.

Replace Spreadsheets with Purpose-Built QA Software

Spreadsheets aren’t enough to scale your quality assurance process. A purpose-built QA platform gives you the tools to meet current and future business needs—so CX doesn’t suffer as you grow. Scorebuddy includes conversational analytics, customizable scorecards, CRM integrations, and more.

Improve Agent Performance with Advanced Reporting

To improve CSAT, NPS, and more, you need a central hub for QA data. With Scorebuddy, you can monitor all scorecard results in one location, expediting performance reviews and improving their accuracy. Use advanced reporting to identify trends and drill down with targeted interaction selection.

Boost Contact Center Productivity

Automating tedious QA tasks helps your organization to work smarter, not harder. Streamline evaluations with our fully customizable scorecard builder and reduce the workload for evaluators, supervisors, and agents. Free up your team to focus on more important tasks—like delivering exceptional CX.

From Our Customers

Celina Perry

At Beachbody we manage call centers on a global level and we use Scorebuddy to manage all of our QA Teams. Our QA teams randomly sample agent interactions, auditing all channels including voice, chat, email and social. We find Scorebuddy extremely easy to use, the look and feel is very user friendly. 



Celina Perry

Quality Assurance Supervisor

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