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Extend Quality Management with AI Assisted Scoring

Automated Quality Assurance on 100% of Your Customer Conversations

Analyze 100% of your agent-customer conversations. Identify the opportunities to improve CX, drive revenue growth, boost operational efficiency and mitigate compliance risk.

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Configurable QA Rules to Meet Your Specific Business Needs

Select from the library or create customized QA rules that measure your own brand, regulatory compliance and behavior objectives.

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Automatically Track Agent Compliance

Monitor for non-adherence to script and avoid regulatory breaches that may result in penalties.

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Reduce Time to Score with Visual Markups

Assist your evaluators with rich markups that help you see which QA rules passed or failed, and where in the conversation. Highlight in one-click the agent’s keywords or phrases that triggered these results.

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From Our Customers

Linda Matthijs (1)

By using Agent Dashboards agents feel more involved and the team is more aligned on what quality level is expected, especially the self-scoring and the option to request a 1:1 are really paying off. Using the Analytics reports provide us with information where to focus on, the loop with training and coaching is easily made and we can improve our tools to support our agents in a better way. The Scorebuddy-Zendesk Integration saves us a lot of manual work and that definitely is a plus, which in turn makes the overall QA process more efficient.

Linda Matthijs

Quality Development


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