How Permanent TSB Used Scorebuddy to Streamline QA and Improve Agent Performance

Permanent TSB is a leading financial services provider in the Irish market, offering a wide range of banking products and services, including online banking, savings & deposit accounts, mortgages, loans, credit cards, and home insurance.

With interactions across all channels growing in terms of volume and complexity, Permanent TSB decided to develop a dedicated quality assurance function encompassing both back-office operations and customer service.

Now, with Scorebuddy, Permanent TSB has a central hub to track and evaluate agent-customer interactions, compile reports on the results, and identify actionable insights for decision-makers.

  • Replacing manual spreadsheets with a QA system capable of handling a large volume of complex activities across multiple communication channels.
  • Developing a central hub to carry out standardized monthly evaluations and compile reports on the results.

As the volume and complexity of agent-customer interactions grew across all of Permanent TSB’s communication channels, such as live chat, email, social media, and phone, it became clear that a manual QA process using spreadsheets was no longer sufficient—a specialized approach was needed.

Permanent TSB also hoped that Scorebuddy would provide a one-stop platform to carry out regular agent evaluations and make the results readily accessible to the relevant management teams.

  • Using Scorebuddy for quality management of complex activities like back-office operations and opening accounts.
  • Linking monthly evaluations to associated scorecards and aggregating the results into easily accessible reports.

Permanent TSB selected Scorebuddy for its flexibility, transparency, and ease of deployment across operations and customer service, and now its dedicated QA function—covering customer service, collections, support, mortgage operations, legal & securities, document verification, and more—is implemented entirely within Scorebuddy.

All QA tests and evaluations reside within the platform, with Auto Alerts triggering when scores fall below a certain benchmark. This alert system is also customized to prioritize important items like customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

  • Overall QA results for each business unit are reported on a regular basis within one accessible platform.
  • Scorecard data is used to identify coaching and training opportunities in different areas of the business.


Having streamlined its quality assurance process and evaluation system, Permanent TSB can now identify insights from different areas of the business, with the certainty that these insights are based on accurate, in-depth QA.

Additionally, evaluation results are now more transparent and actionable—agents can access their QA results via the Agent Insight dashboard, while supervisors are alerted to corrective actions they can take, such as one-to-one coaching sessions or directed online learning.


Scorebuddy has made Permanent TSB’s quality assurance quicker, easier, and more accurate. Agents are happier with the evaluation process, and supervisors are happier with the results. The in-depth, accessible reports provide us with genuinely insightful data which we use to improve performance across multiple areas of the business.

Amy Breen, Business Assurance Senior Manager, Permanent TSB