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Engage Your Agents With Scorebuddy

Build Trusting Relationships Between Agents and Supervisors

Agent engagement begins with strong relationships. Developing a transparent, back-and-forth dynamic between agents and supervisors boosts team morale and keeps agents engaged in their work. Personalized dashboards offer opportunities for collaboration, discussion, and interactive learning.

Build Trusting Relationships Between Agents and Supervisors
Empower Agents With Tailored Training Plans

Empower Agents With Tailored Training Plans

Data-driven training plans, tailored to the unique needs of each agent, are essential. Using Scorebuddy, you can develop personalized training programs based on identified skill gaps, boosting individual and organizational productivity and empowering agents to achieve their goals.

Track Agent Development With Detailed Reports

It’s not enough to deliver targeted training, you need to measure its impact on agent performance and make changes if necessary. With Scorebuddy’s reporting tools, including in-depth dashboards for agents and supervisors, you can monitor training progress and give real-time feedback.

Agent Development With Detailed Reports

Streamline Your Onboarding Process

A strong onboarding process helps new hires get off on the right foot. With Scorebuddy’s integrated learning management system, you can deliver tailored onboarding programs to both remote workers and on-site employees, simplifying the process and keeping agents engaged.

Streamline Your Onboarding Process
Scorebuddy Dashboard

Create a Supportive, Collaborative Environment

Taking the time to celebrate agents and recognize achievements is a simple way to boost morale and create a positive working culture. With Scorebuddy, you can monitor agent performance in real time, allowing supervisors to reward strong performers and provide support to those who are struggling.

From Our Customers

Keiran McCarthy-min

The first step we took as part of our QA strategy, was to decide what platform would be used that would provide analytics and reporting that we could do with ease. We needed to make sure we could access the data easily. We selected Scorebuddy! For Outsourcers working with a scorecard system like Scorebuddy, the primary problem is that you take the ecosystem that your clients use when they come on board. You need to integrate their / the client’s CRM into the way you as the Outsourcer works. 


Keiran McCarthy

Head of Quality

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