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How Citizens Information Phone Service Used Scorebuddy to Simplify the QA Process and Improve Quality Scores

Citizens Information Phone Service (CIPS) is a national helpline in Ireland providing the public with comprehensive information and advice on civil and social rights, as well as public and social services. It has served Irish citizens for over two decades.

Prior to contacting Scorebuddy, CIPS had been dependent on a manual quality assurance (QA) process involving Excel spreadsheets and basic scorecards, with limited reporting functionality.

Now, with Scorebuddy, CIPS has streamlined the QA process, eased the burden on supervisors, and seen tangible improvements to quality scores within the organization.

  • Streamlining the previously time-consuming QA process at CIPS to ease the workload for supervisors and agents.
  • Improving visibility into the QA process and expanding reporting options for easier root cause analysis.

Before contacting Scorebuddy, CIPS was working with a manual, excel-based QA process to capture quality scores, and basic scorecards for evaluations.

This Excel-driven QA process was inefficient. Writing reports took too long, it was hard to identify trends, and visibility into the causes of QA issues was limited.

Simply put, CIPS found the whole QA process to be overly time-consuming from start to finish.

  • Modernizing the entire QA process at CIPS using Scorebuddy’s purpose-built suite of quality assurance tools.
  • Using customizable scorecards to refine the evaluation process and establish greater visibility into performance and quality issues.

Having determined that the manual, spreadsheet-driven QA process was a limiting factor for the organization, CIPS turned to Scorebuddy. The team at CIPS chose Scorebuddy because of positive feedback, product profile, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

After selecting Scorebuddy, it was time to overhaul the QA process.

CIPS streamlined their entire QA approach, designing custom scorecards and using the reporting and analytics suite to generate richer data.

They have also implemented personalized dashboards to deliver real-time feedback and evaluation results to agents.

  • Stronger visibility into the quality assurance process for both agents and supervisors has facilitated positive changes.
  • The more efficient QA process has freed up time for supervisors and improved quality scores.
  • Improved reporting and analytical functionality for managers.
  • Scorebuddy has allowed CIPS to constantly evolve and update with the organizational requirements of the service.

With Scorebuddy simplifying the QA process for CIPS, quality scores at CIPS have already improved by almost 2 percent since its introduction in 2018. This is down to a renewed focus on quality, ease of use, in-depth reporting, and the flexibility of a custom scorecard builder.

Improved visibility into quality for both agents and supervisors has made the team at CIPS more receptive to changes and improvements to the organization’s QA approach. This is particularly true for agents who now have access to real-time feedback and evaluation results via personalized dashboards.

After working extensively with the platform, how would CIPS describe Scorebuddy?

“Making quality simple.”


Scorebuddy has really simplified the QA process for us. From easy-to-design scorecards to instant display of key metrics. It’s given us, as a smaller organization, access to an excellent suite of QA tools. Also the level of support from the team has been top class.

Anthony Hussey, Team Supervisor, Citizens Information Phone Service