Multi-Tenant Contact Center QA for BPOs 

Manage all your clients from one central location. Seamlessly merge with your ticketing system to drive efficiency and use industry-leading QA reporting to provide unique insights to each client.

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How We Tackle BPO Challenges

Tailored solutions for business process outsourcing

Small budgets, big expectations

BPOs often operate with tight budgets, but customers still expect quality service and significant cost savings, so ensuring operational efficiency is key.

Automated quality assurance
Automated quality assurance

Automate manual tasks like evaluations to improve speed and accuracy. Leverage reporting and analytics to identify process errors and cost inefficiencies.

Complex regulatory demands

With increasingly complex regulations and clients all around the world, BPOs face tough compliance requirements and added responsibility for customer data.

Total compliance coverage

Use conversational analytics to monitor 100% of interactions and ensure agent adherence. Build compliance-specific scorecards with auto-fail and alerts.

High agent turnover

When agents are working to support an external organization, engagement and effective training become even more challenging, leading to higher churn rates.

Personalized, engaging training

Use scorecards and conversational analytics to identify agent weak spots and develop tailored training plans. Deliver regular feedback via agent dashboards.

BPO call contact center Spreadsheet

Still Using Spreadsheets for QA?

Find out how spreadsheets limit productivity and damage customer experience.

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Expert Insights for BPO Call Centers

All the latest in QA and business process outsourcing

How BPOs can use Scorecards for better coaching

BPOs, or business process outsourcers, face their fair share of challenges. The outsourcing industry is fast-paced and highly nuanced. It requires outsourcers and their teams to be organized.

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6 Benefits and Challenges of Call and Contact Center Outsourcing

Many companies believe the only way to ensure exceptional customer experiences is to handle all call center processes in-house.

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Call Center Outsourcing Costs and Benefits: Is It Worth It?

Call center outsourcing is an increasingly popular way to deliver cost-effective customer support, but with so many moving parts, it’s important that you weigh up both the benefits and the potential drawbacks before committing to this approach.

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BPO Customer Testimonials

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‘Scorebuddy – You will never look back!’ 

What do you like best about Scorebuddy? 

The system is highly user-friendly, and the Scorebuddy team is very knowledgeable and helpful. The design is fantastic – Scorebuddy continually looks at future improvements. I am one of the biggest fans of Scorebuddy since 2019.

Nellie Haden, Customer Experience Quality Lead

Nellie Haden, Customer Experience Quality Lead 

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‘A very easy to use tool for QA’ 

What do you like best about Scorebuddy?  

I love that it is very easy to customize and makes it very easy to adapt to our needs as a business. Previous tools we used were not even half this easy to use or gave us the level of detail we needed!

Maror Malul, Call Center Operations Manager

Maror Malul, Call Center Operations Manager

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Scorebuddy is the most amazing tool that I have ever used 

What do you like best about Scorebuddy?  

Data is always available in the easiest manner to be extracted. There are so many functions that are quick and easy to use and so many things that can be done using this tool.

Tatum Julie, Quality Assurance Specialist
Tatum Julie, Quality Assurance Specialist

BPO Partners

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What are the key benefits of QA for BPOs?

A robust quality assurance process can improve the speed and accuracy of your evaluations, mitigate compliance risk, increase agent engagement, and enhance the customer experience.

How can Scorebuddy improve BPO customer service?

Design custom scorecards to serve the unique needs of each client, and segment by agent, team, department, and more. With all evaluation results in one place, you can quickly generate reports and use conversational analytics to understand the impact of agent behaviors on CSAT, first call resolution, and more.

How much does Scorebuddy cost?

Details of our different plans are available here. You can view the features included with our Business and Enterprise plans, as well as details of optional add-ons like Scorebuddy BI, Scorebuddy Coaching, and AI-powered AutoQA.

How does the trial process work?

You book a meeting and tell us about your needs and challenges. Using this information, we design a custom trial just for you. You’ll have a dedicated account manager throughout the entire process and full access to our QA solution. At the end of the trial period, we’ll catch up and see how it went.

Is Scorebuddy ISO 27001 certified?

Yes, Scorebuddy is fully ISO27001 certified. You can read full details of our security and data usage practices here.

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