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How AutoPay Used Scorebuddy to Establish Accountability and Deliver World-Class Service

AutoPay is an auto loan financing company providing refinancing, new car loans, and lease buyouts. Thanks to its network of lenders and straightforward online application process, AutoPay can find suitable solutions and competitive rates for any customer profile.

Back in 2018, AutoPay processed around 1,000 loans per month. Subsequently, the company underwent a period of rapid expansion, resulting in exponential growth in loan processing volume. As a result, the business needed a QA system that could scale to meet growing demand and manage the increased agent workload.

After carrying out research and conducting a series of interviews with potential QA platforms, AutoPay decided to work with Scorebuddy.

  • Swapping an outdated QA system for a more accessible, scalable quality assurance solution
  • Improving customer experience by refining processes, while also maintaining cost efficiency


Before Scorebuddy, AutoPay used Microsoft Access—an outdated text-based system—for both quality assurance and escalations. This approach not only limited growth, it also relied on the expertise of just one person, creating a QA data silo.

With tens of thousands of leads pouring in every month, it was clear that a more accessible, scalable solution would be required. AutoPay explored several options, eventually choosing Scorebuddy because of the platform’s capabilities and alignment with their vision.

Having found a new QA solution, AutoPay set about achieving its aims of enhancing customer experience, refining processes and procedures, and ensuring cost efficiency in a challenging economic climate.

  • Customizing Scorebuddy to meet stakeholder needs and improve accountability throughout the team
  • Introducing flexible scorecards to improve performance analysis for individuals and the wider team


Having chosen Scorebuddy for its flexibility and user-friendly interface, AutoPay became better equipped to meet legal and compliance requirements, as well as the needs of its lenders, customers, and the business as a whole. 

With support from Scorebuddy’s customer success team, AutoPay customized the platform to meet their specific requirements, introducing new capabilities and increasing accountability for loan specialists and managers.

Flexible scorecards allowed for improved performance analysis at both individual and team levels, so AutoPay could effectively track complaints, while greater access to data and the platform’s ease-of-use reduced agent stress and boosted staff morale.

  • Through increased accountability and easier analysis, AutoPay has improved workflows and increased team productivity
  • Scorebuddy’s user-friendly interface has streamlined operations, helping to maintain morale in challenging moments

AutoPay has been able to establish greater accountability for managers and team members, while also enabling seamless data tracking and analysis. These changes have enhanced workflows, increased productivity, and improved overall team satisfaction.

Given these positive outcomes—and the associated cost savings for the company—AutoPay plans on expanding its usage of Scorebuddy to other departments in the future, with the hopes of achieving similar results on a larger scale.

On a human level, Scorebuddy has helped AutoPay maintain staff morale through challenging periods and difficult interactions, thanks to an intuitive interface and streamlined operations.


Scorebuddy allows us to deliver world-class service through our sales and customer service teams.

Curtis Kershner, Director of Customer Success, AutoPay