How ConnectPay Used Scorebuddy to Boost Agent Performance and Mitigate Compliance Risk

ConnectPay provides embedded finance with built-in compliance for online businesses. Holding an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license, they offer daily banking and a wide range of payment solutions: SEPA and SWIFT payments, IBAN multi-currency accounts, corporate cards, merchant accounts and a comprehensive suite of compliance solutions embedded in their financial platform.

Before reaching out to Scorebuddy, ConnectPay had dabbled with Excel for QA, but found the spreadsheet software to be lacking. Operating in the compliance-driven financial services industry, the team knew that optimizing the QA process was an important goal, not only for agent performance, but also for risk mitigation.

  • Transitioning from an inefficient spreadsheet-driven QA process to a more automated approach using purpose-built QA software
  • Streamlining the quality assurance process to ensure regulatory compliance and enhance team performance

Operating in the financial services industry, ConnectPay knew that compliance was crucial. Previously, the team had attempted to carry out its QA process using spreadsheets, but this approach was inefficient for both reviews and scoring.

Understanding that a robust QA process was essential to both performance and compliance, the ConnectPay team identified three key challenges—a lack of automation, the absence of an effective QA tool, and the inability to share feedback comfortably.

With the aim of optimizing the QA process for stronger performance and airtight compliance—and a clear understanding of the challenges involved—ConnectPay turned to Scorebuddy to enhance and streamline their approach to quality assurance.

  • Carrying out evaluations using Scorebuddy’s customizable scorecard builder
  • Presenting the results of these evaluations using an in-depth reporting suite


With a clear understanding of the challenges at hand, ConnectPay began the search for a QA product and quickly found Scorebuddy. In a competitive market, Scorebuddy stood out thanks to its strong features, reasonable pricing and attentive support team.

With a QA solution in place, the ConnectPay team began to implement the new tools at their disposal to enhance the quality assurance process. They used customizable scorecards to evaluate their specialists and in-depth reports to present the results of these evaluations.

  • Stronger communication between evaluators and specialists thanks to improved clarity around scoring and results
  • A quicker, more automated quality assurance process based on customizable scorecards and detailed reports

Implementing Scorebuddy for QA has led to better communication between evaluators and specialists, thanks to improved clarity and easier tracking of results. This has significantly streamlined the overall QA process, enhancing performance and case handling.

The Risk & Compliance, Finance & Data, and Customer Operations teams at ConnectPay are all using Scorebuddy, with high satisfaction and tangible results across the board, including a smoother QA process and comprehensive evaluation scores.

ConnectPay users report that Scorebuddy is efficient and accessible, with easy scorecard creation and straightforward reporting tools expediting and automating the QA process.


A very convenient and innovative platform for Quality Assurance.