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Deliver Positive
Customer Experiences

Delight and Retain Customers

With integrated conversation analytics you can analyze 100% of customer interactions / conversations to understand customer needs and focus on the drivers that improve service quality and customer experiences.

Discover What is
Driving Your CX and CSAT

Issue a survey after every customer interaction to track individual and team impact on customer sentiment scores.

Reduce Customer Friction and Frustration

Get amazing results by combining your internal quality and customer sentiment scores on a single platform. Gather customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and tie them back to the agent, supervisor, team and group satisfaction scores.

Focus Attention with Root Cause Analysis

Improve CSAT and NPS scores by focusing on fixing issues that are surfaced by smart analytics data identifying skills, knowledge gaps, or process failures.

Use Powerful Reporting to Understand the Data

Focus actions where it will make a difference by sharing and visualizing the movements and trends in quality and sentiment data through advanced reporting and dashboards.

From Our Customers


Scorebuddy has provided BenefitMall with an application for building consistent and customer focused quality evaluation solutions across business units and locations.  Our front line now depends on Scorebuddy as an integral part of performance development tools used with staff.  This includes over 400 users along with 80 admins and supervisors, which is why utilizing Agent Insights is essential for our business. Through this journey we have evolved from using home-grown solutions to using Scorebuddy’s robust reporting and analytics; which informs data driven decision making at multiple levels in our service organization.

Ron Tiesler

Executive Director

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