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How Tide Automated Quality Assurance and Improved Operational Efficiency with Scorebuddy

Established in 2015, Tide is the UK’s leading business financial platform. With a 10 percent market share and over 500,000 members, it is one of the fastest-growing Fintechs in the UK.

The company is on a mission to save small business owners time (and money) on their banking and admin, and recently expanded to India where, with more than 100,000 MSME members already on its platform, it is now embedded in the country’s fintech ecosystem and financial services industry.

Offering not only business accounts and related banking services, but also a comprehensive set of admin tools and integration with accounting systems, Tide is transforming the business banking market with a vision to be a category leader as well.

With 600k+ members worldwide, and 1,500 employees in multiple locations, Tide needed a quality assurance solution that was scalable, functional, cost-efficient, and user-friendly. After examining the options, they chose Scorebuddy.

  • Switching from Excel spreadsheets and Google Docs to a purpose-built quality assurance solution
  • Automating QA and QC to streamline operations and reduce the potential for human error

Before finding Scorebuddy, Tide’s quality assurance and quality control processes were manual. Both the QA and QC departments were using Google Docs and Excel spreadsheets to extract data—an approach that was messy and allowed too much room for human error.

With the aim of automating and streamlining these processes, Tide sought out a suitable QA solution. After researching their options, they found that Scorebuddy was the best fit, thanks to its functionality, price, and integration with their CRM platform, Kustomer.

  • Integrating new Scorebuddy tools alongside Tide’s existing infrastructure and CRM platform
  • Using Scorebuddy to improve the accuracy and efficiency of both quality assurance and quality control

Once they got up and running, Tide began using many key Scorebuddy features—scorecards, analytics, calibrations—to achieve their QA aims. The ability to integrate these new tools alongside their existing CRM accelerated the onboarding process.

In the global operational and quality assurance departments, Tide employees started using Scorebuddy to review cases, both in terms of QA and decision accuracy. Then, in the global quality control department, Tide implemented Scorebuddy to ensure that the company’s QA function was working effectively.

  • Automation of key QA functions has improved business processes and operational efficiency
  • Consolidation of all quality assurance data on one platform for easy access at any time

Scorebuddy has allowed Tide to automate many of their quality assurance functions, including scorecards and reporting. Additionally, they now have access to all their QA data, and the tools necessary to carry out QA functions, on a single, intuitive platform.

This consolidation and automation has improved business processes and operational efficiency, while also providing a user-friendly platform for less experienced QA team members to start with.

With all this functionality available on an easy-to-navigate platform, everyone has access to QA tools and data they need at any time.


Scorebuddy has automated a lot of the work.

Rhiannon Morris, Quality Control Team Lead at Tide