Be a QA Ninja With a Fully Featured Learning Management System

Seamlessly Integrate With Your QA Infrastructure

The only QA platform with a fully featured, integrated, award-winning LMS. Link directly to your QA program to increase knowledge retention and help agents apply what they learn to their daily work. Cultivate a more efficient workforce and boost KPIs like CSAT, NPS, and first call resolution.

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Deliver Cost-Effective Training

Streamline administrative tasks like course creation, learning pathways, progress tracking, and certification issuance to enhance learning outcomes while reducing training expenses. Save time and money with a library of easy to use, pre-built training courses.

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Scale to Meet Growing Needs

Adapt and expand to meet growing business needs and requirements. Add agents, build new courses, and create learning materials quickly and easily without having to invest in extra training software. Easily onboard users with clear instructions and a user-friendly interface.


Customize Content and Reports

Tailor learning pathways to meet individual needs, ensuring that agents have the necessary skills for success while also improving engagement and retention. Align course creation with business goals and measure outcomes with custom reporting to support decision-making.

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Engage Agents With Real-Time Feedback

Provide personalized, real-time feedback, facilitate collaborative learning, and offer career development opportunities to keep employees engaged. Provide agents and supervisors with a single view of all coaching moments for increased transparency and trust.


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