How Moneyboat Used Scorebuddy to Increase Agent Engagement and Win Awards

Founded in 2015, Moneyboat is a direct lender offering small, short-term loans to customers throughout the United Kingdom. To date, Moneyboat has provided financial assistance to over 200,000 customers.

With an outdated, time-consuming quality assurance process limiting the company’s ability to monitor agent performance and provide actionable feedback to employees, Moneyboat needed a modern QA solution—that’s where Scorebuddy came in.

Now, Moneyboat’s entire QA process is managed using the Scorebuddy platform. Scoring is simpler, agents are more engaged in their own development, and customers are happier with the service they are receiving.

  • Replacing Moneyboat’s outdated, time-consuming QA system with a modern, automated approach using Scorebuddy tools.
  • Streamlining the evaluation process, increasing agent engagement, and expanding reporting capabilities.


With five locations internationally and a sizable customer base throughout the UK, it became clear that Moneyboat’s existing QA system was no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the business.

The company’s Quality Assurance Officer had used Scorebuddy in a previous role and knew that it would meet all of Moneyboat’s key requirements—easier and more efficient scorecards, increased agent engagement with QA and one-to-ones, and better reporting capabilities.

  • Implementing Scorebuddy across multiple departments, including QA, collections, complaints, lending, and customer service.
  • Using QA tools within Scorebuddy to evaluate agent performance and pinpoint potential areas for improvement.


After selecting Scorebuddy, Moneyboat took steps to implement the software across multiple departments, establishing a central QA hub that linked information from all five offices.

All QA scoring is now carried out within this centralized platform, allowing the QA team to take advantage of the new tools available to them and giving agents access to their scores via the agent dashboard.

  • Overall QA scores have improved, agents are more invested in their own development, and the company-wide attitude towards QA is more positive.
  • An increase in successful agent-customer interactions has been a contributing factor in Moneyboat receiving awards for lending and service.

The introduction of modern QA software has seen improvements in efficiency, performance and morale across the entire Moneyboat team. QA Managers can now access and complete scorecards in a fraction of the time it was taking previously, agents are more engaged in their own individual development, and team scores have improved.

Thanks to an increase in successful agent-customer interactions, brought about partly by the integration of Scorebuddy’s QA tools, Moneyboat has been the recipient of a number of awards for both lending and service.


Scorebuddy has made our quality assurance process easier and more efficient, leading to increased agent engagement and higher QA scores across the board.

Roni Reid, Quality Assurance Officer, Moneyboat