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How Games 24x7 Boosted QA Productivity 20% with Scorebuddy

Games24x7 started in 2006 with a handful of employees who shared a vision—to deliver an immersive gaming experience to the Indian audience. After launching their first game, RummyCircle in 2009, the company grew at a rapid pace and eventually ventured into more skill games, releasing My11Circle in 2019.

Today, with offices worldwide and a user base of over 100 million, Games 24x7 is one of India’s leading gaming companies, leveraging behavioral science, technology, and AI to enhance user experiences.

Seeking a move from basic, spreadsheet-driven QA to a more advanced quality assurance solution, they began working with Scorebuddy.

  • Overhauling an inefficient, often subjective QA process based on spreadsheets
  • Finding a way to save time on QA data collection and improve employee productivity

Before finding Scorebuddy, Games24x7 was using Google Forms and spreadsheets to manage the quality audit process.

This meant that their QAs were spending a lot of time picking the right samples and, even when they identified them, there was still a high chance of subjectivity. It was also far too time-consuming to collate this data for reporting purposes.

To save time and improve objectivity, Games 24x7 needed a QA solution that could help with quality sampling, replace the inefficient spreadsheet-driven processes, and serve as a data repository.

  • Eliminating spreadsheets and scoring customer service interactions across all channels
  • Improving agent performance by drilling into QA data and carrying out root cause analysis

Setting out to tackle these challenges, Games24x7 delved into some market research, but ran into a lot of solutions that were either too basic or too rigid. They needed a bespoke solution that could provide predefined sampling and also allow them to QA their QA function.

After a promising demo session with one of Scorebuddy’s experts, Games 24x7 knew they had finally found a QA solution that fit the bill and met all of their requirements.

Games 24x7 swapped the spreadsheets for Scorebuddy, enabling them to score the quality of service interactions across all channels, leverage these scores to improve agent performance, and dig into the data to conduct root cause analysis.

  • A 20% increase in QA productivity thanks to a streamlined quality assurance process
  • Big time savings enabling the QA team to increase output and improve consistency

In Scorebuddy, Games 24x7 found a straightforward QA solution—backed by a supportive team—that solved their three key challenges: predefined sampling, moving away from spreadsheets, and QAing their QA function.

With the time savings from using Scorebuddy, the QA team at Games 24x7 have been able to significantly increase their sampling percentage. Additionally, they’ve kept a tight check on variance by QAing their QA, and have delivered better audits through focused sampling.

A huge 20% increase in QA productivity has been a major outcome, and Games 24x7 is set on Scorebuddy.


Scorebuddy is a simple and straightforward solution and the support has been very welcoming.

Challa Prasad, Associate Director of Quality & Process Excellence at Games 24x7