How The Echelon Group increased employee engagement with Scorebuddy

The Echelon Group provides a variety of services to a multitude of companies.
These companies range in sales & marketing to customer care. Through these day-to-day operations, they receive thousands of calls (inbound and outbound) daily among all the different programs. They currently have an employment base of 200-250 agents/management and have been in business for over 5 years.

Beth Hendrickson is the VP of Operations at The Echelon Group. She oversees all day-to-day activities such as performance, organizational & financial processes, training, and satisfaction of all employees and teams. In addition, she collaborates closely with the managers and employees to develop the team to meet their clients' expectations.

  • The Echelon Group was looking for a way to streamline their QA processes and have a better tracking system for their agents.
  • They needed an integrated platform for agent performance management.

The Echelon Group has used traditional paper forms to track its performance. As a result, there was no place to document the performance, and they were having trouble tracking the performance of day-to-day tasks. However, with increasing inbound/outbound calls, they needed to ensure that every customer service interaction was efficient and met existing service standards.

They needed to ensure that they would provide an excellent and consistent experience on their calls and meet their clients' expectations on every level. If they were unable to meet those expectations, they needed to find a way to track coaching and development of their agents.

  • Using Scorebuddy scorecard and agent performance management.

Agents now have one centralized location to review evaluations and see exactly where they can improve or are meeting/exceeding expectations.

Scorebuddy agent performance management with Quality Assurance, coaching, and learning ensured the success of their growing customer service team.

  • An ability to track each agent's performance and have coaching and development sessions for the agent if the expectations are not met.

Scorebuddy has positively impacted The Echelon Group's overall day-to-day activity, employee engagement, and overall happiness with their team. In addition, agents can track their performance, and managers have a quicker view of determining who needs additional help, and in which areas.

With using the Scorebuddy scorecards, they reached a streamlined process for reviewing metrics with their team and now have an overall more efficient tracking system.

Since they started using Scorebuddy, agents have improved performance considerably. Their evaluations are easier to understand, productivity is more efficient, and the average agent score has increased. In addition, the performance report has generated more timely and actionable insights, enabling the team to create new learning programs for those who need more focused help.


From the very first day we integrated Scorebuddy into our business, we have seen a positive impact in our overall day to day activity, employee engagement, and overall happiness with our team. As a result, agents can track their performance, and managers have a quicker view to see who needs additional help and in what areas.

Beth Hendrickson, The Echelon Group VP of Operations