Mitigate Risk With Compliance Monitoring, Audit Trails and More

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Every interaction brings fresh risk and responsibility around consumer privacy and data protection. Without a QA system to automate and track regulatory compliance, your organization is exposed. Scorebuddy reduces the chances of a breach by improving security standards and limiting risk.

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Regulatory Compliance
Maintain a Compliance Audit Trail

Maintain a Compliance Audit Trail

An audit trail demonstrates your commitment to compliance, establishes the importance of adherence, and provides records for regulators. Scorebuddy is a central location to track scorecard evaluations and compliance breaches, ensuring that all data is available in the event of a compliance audit.

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Quickly Identify and Fix Breaches

Compliance breaches are costly—financially and reputationally. To avoid repercussions, you need to be aware of breaches as soon as they happen. With Scorebuddy, you can track regulatory compliance across the entire organization, catch any breaches, and automatically alert relevant parties.

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Identify Breaches in Real Time

Monitor Compliance Performance

When an agent fails to comply with regulations, the whole organization is at risk of sanctions. With our customizable scorecard builder, you can design auto-fail compliance questions, ensuring that no breach goes unnoticed, and then provide targeted compliance training to prevent future breaches.

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Monitor Compliance Performance
Agent Customer Interaction

Analyze Every Interaction

When a compliance breach occurs, you need to know why it happened and how to fix it. With conversational analytics, you can track every single agent-customer interaction, monitoring compliance across the entire team and identifying issues within individual conversations.

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