Scorebuddy is a G2 Leader for Contact Center Quality Assurance

For eight quarters running, we’ve been ranked as a Leader in the G2 Grid® Report.


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G2 is the world’s leading software comparison site and each quarter they compile new industry-specific reports. Thanks to excellent customer feedback and substantial market presence, Scorebuddy consistently ranks as a Leader for Call Center QA.

Scorebuddy’s G2 Ranking

In the most recent G2 Grid® Report, Scorebuddy earned 25 badges. including overall leader in contact center quality assurance, momentum leader, mid-market leader, small business leader, enterprise high performer, and more.

  • ContactCenterQualityAssurance_BestResults_Small-Business_Total (1)
  • ContactCenterQualityAssurance_BestUsability_Small-Business_Total (1)
  • ContactCenterQualityAssurance_Leader_EMEA_Leader
  • ContactCenterQualityAssurance_HighPerformer_Enterprise_HighPerformer (4)
  • ContactCenterQualityAssurance_Leader_Leader (5)
  • ContactCenterQualityAssurance_Leader_Mid-Market_Leader (4)
  • ContactCenterQualityAssurance_Leader_Small-Business_Leader (4)-1
  • ContactCenterQualityAssurance_BestRelationship_Small-Business_Total (1)
  • ContactCenterQualityAssurance_MomentumLeader_Leader (5)-1
G2 Summer 2022

G2 Summer Report 2022 we earned 5 badges

G2 Autumn 2022

G2 Fall Report 2022 we earned 5 badges

G2 Winter 2022

G2 Winter Report 2022 we earned 6 badges

G2 Spring 2023

G2 Spring Report 2023 we earned 6 badges

G2 Summer 2023

G2 Summer Report 2023 we earned 9 badges

G2 Autumn 2023

G2 Fall Report 2023 we earned 24 badges

G2 Winter 2023

G2 Winter Report 2023 we earned 28 badges

G2 Spring 2024

G2 Spring Report 2024 we earned 25 badges

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