How BenefitMall Created an Effortless Customer Experience With Scorebuddy

Through broker and partner distribution channels, BenefitMall works with over 200,000 businesses and 2.5 million employees to provide employee compensation and benefits packages securely and efficiently using next-generation technology. This includes everything from health insurance, dental, and vision, to voluntary and worksite products, from more than 120 carriers.

With demand growing, BenefitMall decided it was time to scale up operations and revitalize its existing customer service program. As this process got underway, it became clear that the company had outgrown its internal QA processes and would need a more flexible, automated system moving forward. This is where Scorebuddy came in.

  • Scaling to meet growing demand and revitalizing customer service
  • Transitioning from an agent-centric approach to a customer-centric approach



As demand for BenefitMall’s products and services grew, it became increasingly clear that the internal QA system being used was no longer sufficient. If the company was to reinvent its customer service program, a more flexible, automated approach would be required.

Taking inspiration from CEB Effortless Experience, BenefitMall wanted to transition from an agent-centric approach to a customer-centric approach, ensuring that the company consistently met expectations by making things as low-effort as possible for the customer.

  • Using Scorebuddy to manage all call center processes, with a particular focus on agent evaluation and engagement
  • Identifying trends by benchmarking Net Promoter Score against competitors and pinpointing opportunities for customer service improvement

With an overhaul of BenefitMall’s customer service approach on the cards, Scorebuddy’s one-stop contact center solution would provide a suite of tools capable of managing and analyzing agent-customer interactions from every angle.

Using this all-encompassing approach, BenefitMall would then have access to a wealth of relevant, accurate data around agent performance and customer sentiment—data which could be analyzed to identify trends, and highlight opportunities to offer better customer service.

  • Greater access to data has increased opportunities for targeted training, ultimately resulting in a better Net Promoter Score
  • Improved analytics tools have given more insight into contact center processes and performance, highlighting areas for improvement

With a single QA solution for every aspect of contact center operations, BenefitMall now has a central hub to monitor agent performance, customer experience, and the close links between the two.

The self-scoring mechanism for agents has increased self-awareness and provided more direct training opportunities for supervisors. This, in turn, has improved Net Promoter Score—a priority metric for BenefitMall.

The ability to track and analyze agent-customer interactions within Scorebuddy has allowed for data-driven decision making, leading to a more efficient contact center, focused on meeting customer expectations.


We selected Scorebuddy because it is standalone and not tied into our telephony & call recording systems, has substantial flexibility to capture and view data and trends over time, is relatively low cost and easy to deploy for our effortless scorecard initiative.