Become a Contact Center QA Wizard with Scorebuddy Business Intelligence

Turn Complex QA Data Into Actionable Insights

Automate QA reporting to quickly uncover insights and share with anyone via intuitive dashboards and accessible visuals. Use multi-dimensional reports and filters to focus on the QA KPIs that matter most to your business.

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Create Powerful QA Reports in Seconds

No more digging through data to pull the information you need—be your own data analyst and build custom reports in a few clicks. Export and share real-time insights with anyone, even if they don’t have Scorebuddy.

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Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Spend less time generating reports and more time coaching agents, improving operational efficiency, and delivering positive customer outcomes. Use business intelligence insights to improve KPIs, boost CX, and deliver tailored agent training.

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Unify Your QA Data For Full-Context Decisions

Combine all your contact center QA data in one central hub so nothing slips through the cracks. No more jumping between screens, no more data silos, no more channel-hopping. Full-picture context for every business decision.

Get a Complete Overview of Every Interaction

Combine quality assurance data, conversational analytics, and interaction metadata on one platform for a 360-degree view of every single agent-customer interaction. Use this comprehensive overview to increase agent engagement and boost customer experience.

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From Our Customers


There are two things I can say I like the most about Scorebuddy BI. Number one is for sure the level of flexibility in mix and matching different metrics when generating reports that allow me to cater to our department-specific needs where we need to look at different metrics in different reports. Number two is the automated reporting feature, which allows me to improve quality assurance visibility across different levels of the organization.

Jazmin Lawes

Customer Support QA & Community Manager


Scorebuddy delivers measurable, positive change to contact centers worldwide.
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