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World's Leading Quality Management Platform for Contact Centers

Our mission is to help customer service teams
deliver amazing experiences

The Scorebuddy Story

Close to 10 years ago, Derek Corcoran was busy running a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, Sentient Solutions, when one of their call center clients came to them with a challenge:

The challenge was quality assessment. The client wanted to be able to:

  • Easily score the quality of customer service interactions being delivered by call center agents across multiple channels and eliminate spreadsheets
  • Use the scores to improve the performance of call center agents, teams and supervisors by drilling into the data to carry out root-cause analysis.
  • The customer had researched the market and found that many of the available QA solutions were very basic add-ons to software that was designed for call recording. They knew they wanted a bespoke solution, and they knew it would be on a scale that was beyond their in-house IT team.
Scorebuddy office

Working closely with the client Derek and the development team set out to create a user-friendly, cloud-based quality assessment solution specifically for contact centers.

The client loved it. Scorebuddy was born.

10 years later and Scorebuddy is the original and leading Quality Management platform provider with customers all over the world. Scorebuddy provides solutions to industries such as outsourcing, healthcare, insurance, finance, security, technology, housing, cosmetics, gaming, retail and energy.

Scorebuddy Customer Focused

We're Customer Focused

We pride ourselves on our support and responsiveness and this is reflected in the awards and reviews we receive. We pay close attention to how Scorebuddy evolves and changes to meet changing needs by adding customer requests into our road map.

We're Agile

Our close knit team combine design flare and technical skills to constantly review, improve and evolve Scorebuddy, taking innovative concepts and joining them to client inspired feature requests delivering enhanced value to all our clients.

Scorebuddy Agile

We're a Bit of Fun

We have a colourful cast of characters collaborating to deliver a product designed to enhance the work lives of Scorebuddy users. We hope our ‘Bon Vivant’ is reflected in the user experience and conversations with our clients.

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