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Is Automation a Game Changer for Call Center QA Compliance?

Compliance is a pressing concern for call centers worldwide, with 61 percent of companies now allocating more money to their compliance budgets compared to previous years.
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Scorebuddy Employee Q&A: Campaigns Manager Mariana

  Mariana Storto is our Campaign Manager here at Scorebuddy but, more importantly, she’s a dog...
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Why Millennials Choose Chat over Traditional Customer Service

Businesses that want to deliver an omnichannel experience require a laser focus on the customer....
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Up in the Clouds: 11 Call Center Cloud Solutions to Streamline Your Operations

Projections suggest that the global cloud-based contact center market will grow to $54.7 billion by...
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FCA Consumer Duty: What You Need to Know and How to Get Ready

Customer needs have always been a key priority for any successful financial services provider. With...
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What Is Call Center Workforce Management (WFM)?

Workforce management (WFM) is all about implementing the strategies and procedures that put your...
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How to Use Call Center Queuing to Improve Customer Experience

Nobody likes to be stuck in a queue. Unfortunately, it happens all too often in a high-volume call...
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8 Out-Of-The-Box Customer Service Training Ideas

An effective customer service team is an essential organizational component in pretty much every...
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How to Use Call Center Analytics to Boost Sales

Contact centers process huge amounts of data on a daily basis. Using analytics tools, you can make...
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