MaestroQA Alternative for Quality Assurance

Scorebuddy is the most comprehensive, user-friendly QA software on the market, delivering a quicker impact than MaestroQA thanks to an easier setup process and access to out-of-the-box reporting insights.

With Scorebuddy, you can boost customer experience, engage agents, ensure regulatory compliance, and scale quality assurance to match your ambition. Here’s how.

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Compare Scorebuddy with MaestroQA and see for yourself.

Plug and play with 100 agents
Scales to 1,000+ agents
Custom object integration
Flexible, configurable scorecards
Single instance supports multiple groups (multi-client BPO)
Fully configurable dashboard and BI reports 
Automated QA evaluators' assignments and workflows
Advanced criteria to select conversations for QA
Embedded learning management system

Trusted by over 300 clients in 20 countries. 50,000+ agents use Scorebuddy every day

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Powerful Workflows for More Efficient QA Teams

Engage Agents With Real-Time Feedback

Streamline your QA process with Scorebuddy's custom scorecard builder and conversational analytics. Identify knowledge gaps, operational issues, and system errors to improve efficiency and cut costs. Use agent self-scoring and automated workflows to free up both agents and supervisors for more complex work and scale QA effortlessly.

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Instant Insights With Integrated QA Business Intelligence

Turn Complex QA Data Into Actionable Insight

Scorebuddy BI turns complex data into actionable insights, so you can share with stakeholders via intuitive dashboards and visual reports. While MaestroQA takes some time to set up, Scorebuddy BI comes with out-of-the-box templates so you can unlock insights and make instant improvements to performance, CX, and operational efficiency.

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ISO 27001 Security Certification and Data Privacy Compliance

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Scorebuddy is ISO 27001 Security Certified and fully compliant with leading privacy and data security regulations like CCPA and GDPR. Ensure regulatory compliance, protect client data, and demonstrate commitment to privacy, security, and consumer protection to build trust and cement loyalty.

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The Most Customizable Scorecard Builder on the Market

Customize Content and Reports

Our scorecard builder offers greater customization than MaestroQA. Build scorecards for any business goal, from CX to compliance, by using numeric, non-numeric, and pass/fail formats, as well as flexible question weighting and auto-fail prioritization. Use uniform scorecards for consistent evaluations or target specific teams & agents with tailored designs.

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Seamless Multi-Client Management for BPOs


Scorebuddy offers QA tools for BPOs managing multiple clients—even those with organizational structures across different countries. Using BPO scorecards, you can monitor agent performance, deliver real-time feedback, and refine processes to improve long-term client outcomes. Scale quickly and reallocate resources to meet evolving client needs.

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Maximize Agent Engagement With Personalized Dashboards

Analyze Every Interaction to Understand Your Customers-1

Scorebuddy’s personalized agent dashboard provides greater customization and functionality than MaestroQA. With bespoke dashboards for each agent, you can highlight their quality scores and deliver coaching tips directly. This is a proven way to maximize agent engagement, leading to better performance and reduced churn.

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Out-of-the-Box QA Reporting to See What Causes Compliance Gaps

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Scorebuddy offers more out-of-the-box reporting options than MaestroQA, so you can immediately identify compliance gaps and take swift action to safeguard against potential legal, financial, and reputational repercussions. Automate compliance monitoring to receive real-time breach alerts and maintain a compliance audit trail.

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Unrivaled Conversational Analytics With AutoQA


While MaestroQA has no auto-scoring function, our conversational analytics software, AutoQA, offers 100% scoring coverage of all agent-customer interactions. Improve CX, drive revenue growth, boost efficiency, and reduce compliance risk with custom rule creation, precise filtering, and one-click ticket exports.

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The Only Fully Featured Integrated Learning Management System for QA

Auto QA

Scorebuddy is the only quality assurance platform that comes with an integrated, fully featured learning management system, so you can deliver engaging, targeted training without having to transfer data or jump between platforms. Link training directly to QA so agents can cement their learnings in real-world scenarios.

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From Our Customers

Through evaluations completed onScorebuddy, we can analyze 100% of our interactions to identify and promptly remediate the issues that really matter to customers.


Orla Murphy, Business Assurance Manager, Permanent TSB

Scorebuddy allows me to quickly spot trends and areas for improvement within the team with its scorecards & analytics, enabling me to manage, coach, and improve my team.


Leonie Cooper, Client Resolution Manager, Sanlam.

Scorebuddy has made our quality assurance process easier and more efficient, leading to increased agent engagement and higher QA scores across the board.

Roni Reid scorebuddy customer

Roni Reid, Quality Assurance Officer, Moneyboat.

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