New Spring G2 Report: Scorebuddy Leads in Contact Center QA

    For the eighth quarter running, Scorebuddy has been named a Leader in Contact Center Quality Assurance. G2’s Spring 2024 Grid Report is here and we’ve received 25 badges across a range of categories.

    Let’s dive into the report and see what it all means.

    Still a QA leader, ranked #1 for contact center quality assurance

    In the Spring 2024 edition of the G2 Report, Scorebuddy is named a leader in the contact center QA space—for the eighth time in a row. Perhaps even more notably, at the time of writing, Scorebuddy is ranked the #1 contact center quality assurance solution out of 120 vendors.

    We’re delighted with this recognition and, of course, the positive customer sentiment behind it all. Derek Corcoran, Scorebuddy CEO & Founder, shared his thoughts:

    “It’s always an honor and this time is no different. Consistently maintaining G2 Leader status is a priority for us—it validates the team’s work ethic and innovation in the contact center QA space and, vitally, the customer feedback informs and drives us to develop even more beneficial solutions.”

    “In 2024, we’re putting embedded AI technology at the forefront of our plans, meeting market demand for cost-efficient AI tools that tackle the real day-to-day challenges of Scorebuddy users. You’ll see that direction with the release of AI Assist and Auto-Scoring.”

    “We’re always in conversation with our customers and partners, and the feedback on G2 is part of that dialogue. I’d urge our users to share their thoughts and experiences—their input really does influence our future plans.”

    “To those who’ve gotten us this far, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude. Let’s keep growing together on our QA journey.”


    Breaking down the 25 badges

    As well as our leader status, we’ve earned 25 badges in G2’s Spring 2024 Grid Report. We won’t list every single badge, but the highlights include:

    • Overall Leader in Contact Center QA
    • Momentum Leader
    • Mid-Market Leader
    • Small Business Leader
    • Enterprise High Performer

    Plus, we’ve earned region-specific badges for being a top performer in several continents, including Europe and the Americas, as well as being recognized for straightforward implementation, ease of use, and positive customer relationships.

    And, don’t forget, Scorebuddy recently placed #18 in EMEA as part of G2’s best software awards.g2-spring-2024-badgesIt’s all thanks to customer feedback

    The G2 rankings are heavily dependent on user reviews, so we have to thank our customers for this recognition. While we’re grateful for the leader status, the real reward is the knowledge that Scorebuddy is helping users on a daily basis.

    “Hearing about our customers’ day-to-day experiences with Scorebuddy drives us to keep innovating and adding new features to the platform.” - Derek Corcoran, CEO & Founder, Scorebuddy

    What is the G2 Grid Report?

    G2 is the world’s leading software comparison site and, each quarter, they release industry-specific reports. These Grid Reports rank products on the basis of customer satisfaction and market presence.

    With a substantial market presence and consistently excellent customer feedback, Scorebuddy has been named a Leader in the Contact Center Quality Assurance category for eight consecutive quarters now.

    How Scorebuddy transforms contact centers

    We see the growing demands of the industry—rising customer expectations, increased interaction volumes, a challenging economic climate, the advent of GenAI—and we’re committed to providing the tools to meet these demands.

    • Automation: Use AI-powered automation to lessen manual workloads, AI Assist and auto-scoring to reduce evaluation times, and powerful automated workflows to free up resources. Expand your QA program without having to spend on new hires.
    • Engagement: Boost agent retention and engagement with personalized dashboards, real-time feedback, and tailored coaching plans. Analyze 100% of interactions with AI to pinpoint skill gaps and deliver data-backed training via an integrated LMS.
    • Insights: Uncover insights, trends, and patterns with advanced QA reporting & business intelligence, and easily create visual reports to share with stakeholders across the business, keeping everyone in the loop.

    Want to see Scorebuddy in action?

    Don’t just take our word for it (we’re a little biased, admittedly), try out Scorebuddy for yourself. You can request a free 14-day trial right now and spend some time getting to know the platform.

    We want to hear from you

    Your feedback is vital to our continuing innovation. If you haven’t already, get on G2 and share your Scorebuddy experience. Your opinions directly influence our product roadmap so we can keep adding new solutions that make your working life easier.

    In the meantime, check out what some of your fellow Scorebuddy users are saying below, or read every G2 review here.


    “This tool really helped speed up the quality review task for me. The scoring forms are auto-populated and I can view the form and the conversation being reviewed side-by-side, which is a big time saver. The Dashboard allows an overview of my team's performance and I have a wide range of reports available that make it easier for me to analyze trends and address performance issues. It allows my team members to reach out to the reviewer directly, increasing accountability and improving the overall feeling around the process.” - Nat R, Enterprise Customer Support Team Manager

    “Scorebuddy has a super efficient UI that really helps monitor scores for my team. It's super efficient to use and has a lot of customization options in order to monitor quality in the best possible way.” - Andreas K, Enterprise Customer

    “An app that is so user-friendly I didn't have a hard time navigating it on my first try and been using it for all of my audits. It helps me finish my audits faster because it's so easy to use. There's the draft feature where I can always continue where I left off, generating reports would only take a couple of seconds, and the data that it can store. You can even see last year's audit.” - Chrisfhelle John B, Outsourcing Customer

    “Scorebuddy is a valuable tool for our organization looking to optimize customer service operations, enhance agents performance, and deliver exceptional customer experience.” - Jonathan D, Mid-Market Customer

    “It can be set up easily for different purposes like the rating of different teams and delivers great results. After entering all the data collected, the visual support of the results makes it easy to understand the outcome and to use it afterwards. The tool makes it easy to give feedback when using it to rate tickets processed in a ticket system. I never had to contact the Scorebuddy support since it is a very reliable tool.” - Sarah K, Enterprise Customer


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