New Summer G2 Report: Scorebuddy G2 Leader for Ninth Quarter in a Row

    For the ninth consecutive quarter, the G2 Grid® Report has named Scorebuddy a Leader in Contact Center Quality Assurance. The Summer 2024 edition of the report was released today, and Scorebuddy has earned 26 badges.

     Scorebuddy ranked #1 contact center quality assurance software

    In addition to the Leader status, G2 ranks Scorebuddy as the #1 contact center quality assurance solution out of 122 vendors.

    Here’s what Derek Corcoran, Scorebuddy CEO & Founder, had to say about G2’s recognition, the positive customer sentiment behind it, and our plans for the future:

    “As always, I’m delighted with G2’s recognition. Positive customer outcomes are top priority for us, and G2 Grid® Reports are reflective of whether or not we’re delivering those outcomes. Having achieved Leader status for the ninth quarter in a row, I’d like to think we’re on the right track.”

    “It’s an ongoing process, of course, and we won’t be standing still. Positive customer feedback is nice to hear, but we want to improve our product offering and make Scorebuddy even more useful for long-term customers and new users alike.”

    “Just last week we launched our new GenAI Auto-Scoring solution. This new AI-powered QA tool will allow Scorebuddy users to automatically audit up to 100% of interactions and significantly reduce the costs of their QA process.”

    “I’d like to express my gratitude to those customers who have helped us earn this recognition with their feedback, and urge those who haven’t shared their thoughts to do so—it really does impact our future plans for Scorebuddy. Let’s keep growing together.”

    What about the 26 badges?

    A new G2 Grid® Report means new badges and this time around Scorebuddy has earned 26, including:

    • Overall Leader in Contact Center QA
    • Momentum Leader
    • Mid-Market Leader
    • Small Business Leader
    • Enterprise High Performer
    • EMEA Enterprise Leader
    • Europe Enterprise Leader

    In addition to these highlights, we’ve been commended for high performance in the Americas, and received recognition for our simple implementation process, ease of use, and strong relationships with our customers.

    And, quick reminder, G2 also ranked Scorebuddy as the #18 best software in EMEA just a few months ago.

    G2 Summer 2024 - 1 copy

    Thanking our customers for their feedback

    These G2 rankings are heavily influenced by customer reviews, so we really have to express our gratitude to the Scorebuddy users who gave such positive feedback. It’s always a thrill to learn how our customers are using Scorebuddy to make their lives easier on a day-to-day basis.

    CASE STUDY: How Sanlam Increased Customer Satisfaction with Scorebuddy

    What is the G2 Grid® Report?

    G2’s Grid® Reports compare products in specific categories—contact center quality assurance, for example—based on customer satisfaction and market presence scores.

    In doing so, G2 helps prospective buyers make informed decisions about their software purchases. To rank as a Leader in one of these Grid® Reports, as Scorebuddy has for 2+ years, a business must have an excellent product and a strong market position.

    Why do customers love Scorebuddy?

    Because we work alongside our customers to meet their specific challenges with tailored QA solutions. Whatever the concern—rising customer expectations, growing interaction volumes, persistent agent attrition—we’ll be there to help you out. Here’s how we do it.

    • Automation: Scorebuddy leverages AI to automate repetitive tasks, so you don’t need to spend big to evolve your QA program. Auto score 100% of conversations with AI and automate your workflows to optimize efficiency and free up resources.
    • Engagement: Drive agent engagement and retention with personalized dashboards, instant feedback, and tailored coaching plans. Use AI to identify skills gaps and deliver targeted coaching based on real-world insights.
    • Insights: Our QA reporting and business intelligence tools unlock the power of your data. Customize dashboards to visualize trends and patterns, and better understand customer needs with automated sentiment analysis and root cause analysis.

    Book a demo and see Scorebuddy in action

    Obviously we’re a little biased when it comes to Scorebuddy so, instead of taking our word for it, why not see for yourself? Request a demo here and we’ll put together a personalized session, tailored specifically for the needs of your organization.

    We need your input

    If you’re a Scorebuddy user, please get in touch. Your feedback really is invaluable for our product roadmap. If you tell us what’s working (and what isn’t) in your day-to-day, we’ll be able to make Scorebuddy even more useful.

    Basically, if there’s a feature you’d like to see added, or some changes that would make the existing product even better, tell us in a review and we’ll factor it into our future plans.

    If you haven’t shared your thoughts yet, you can do so here on the G2 website. And, while you’re there, why not check out what your fellow Scorebuddy users have to say about their experiences. Here are some examples.

    "Scorebuddy is the most amazing tool that I have ever used." - Tatum J, Quality Assessor

    “It is very easy to use. We can create our scorecards quickly and without any assistance. When a score is done agents and their supervisor receive a notification straight away in their email. Pulling reports is very straightforward and there are so many options of reports available. They have a great support team who always reply within a few hours.” - Élodie B, Enterprise Customer in Insurance

    “An awesome way to monitor progress. Scorebuddy has a super efficient UI that really helps monitor scores for my team. It's super efficient to use and has a lot of customization options in order to monitor quality in the best possible way.” - Andreas K, Enterprise Customer

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