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5 Tips for Coaching Employees to Improve Performance



Coaching is one of the key components to improving the performance of entire teams. With the fast pace of industry changes and the almost monthly need for new skills, it’s essential that you help your team learn and grow regularly.
Leaders who coach employees instead of commanding them can build a much more talented and agile workforce, which leads to a healthy and growing business. Join Monique Wintle-Camp, Confidence & Emotional Intelligence Coach, Wintle-Camp Coaching, where she will provide 5 tips for coaching employees and teams to perform better.
Monique will cover her top 5 tips during the webinar:
  • - Emotional intelligence
  • - Powerful questions
  • - Coaching Conversations
  • - Empowering them
  • - Improve Team Communication
Our host:

Monique headsho

Monique Wintle-Camp

Confidence and Emotional Intelligence Coach

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