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5CA's Steadfast Focus on the Quality of Customer Service.

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"We were growing fast and we needed a piece of software that was flexible. A dashboard that provided instant feedback directly to agents was another major reason for selecting Scorebuddy. Even after a few short months, we could see the benefits already. Project Leads are getting much more detailed information and effective and efficient actions can be taken accordingly. We could not be happier with Scorebuddy's account manager Aaron and Loredana on their customer success team. They are quick to respond with clear and concise assistance."


5CA was founded in 1998 with the mission to provide customers around the globe with outstanding customer support; using their preferred channel, at their most convenient time, in their own language.

Heavily focused on people, processes and technology, 5CA is a company with offices located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Los Angeles, USA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Hong Kong, China. Besides these offices, they have a large remote workforce in countries all over the world, ensuring that they can service clients based on their specific requirements.

As an outsourcer of customer service, 5CA agents are in daily contact with their clients' customers. The firm's focus on Quality of Customer Service is part of their mission and is supported by three main offices in The Netherlands, Buenos Aires and California. More than 50% of 5CA's agents work remotely, which allows them to be part of a worldwide team covering all time zones and to provide the appropriate language and specific industry support for their clients.

Linda Matthijs is responsible for global quality management at 5CA. Linda and her team work closely with the project teams to provide feedback on the quality of agent performance, for customer service improvement and to fill any reported gaps in performance, using coaching and training interventions to support the firm's agents. Linda agreed to help us understand their selection of Scorebuddy and its usage by the firm.


5CA decided their existing QA solution was too rigid to accommodate the myriad changes in their business. 5CA conducted vendor market research to select a new Call Center Quality Management software solution to replace one they had been using internally. They were looking for a solution that would provide a great deal of flexibility and one that would grow with their firm. Their business model has significantly evolved over the years and they needed a call center quality management solution flexible enough to allow them to manage their contact center in several global locations, and to accommodate recent and future strategic changes in the business.

What 5CA found in their research were several vendor solutions, but none that would provide them with the flexibility, reporting, data insights, and the opportunity to create new ways of supporting their quality management program.


The flexibility that Scorebuddy offered, its multi-tenant and multi-channel functionality, along with its ability to accommodate future growth, are what sold their team on the solution. In addition, an agent dashboard providing instant feedback directly to agents, and agent self-scoring, was another major reason for selecting Scorebuddy.


The major goals of the quality assessment program within 5CA were to improve quality, increase the ease and accuracy of reporting and focus on what the firm stands for - excellent customer service quality. 5CA believes that customer intimacy doesn't just work externally. In order to support their agents so they can give their best performance, they treat 'agent intimacy' as an internal strategy to be used by the Team Leads, QA and their Training department.

By using this strategy and approach, they can adjust their training and coaching to specific project and individual needs. They have seen a resulting increase in learning, better quality, higher loyalty and a better relationship between agents and the organization.

The stated mission of 5CA's Quality Assurance department is:

  • To set the standard for Quality throughout 5CA
  • To be supportive to each project and help them improve their quality by creating a tactical and pragmatic plan and approach
  • To identify new opportunities to improve quality company-wide and distinguish 5CA in the market

The 3 Pillars of QA at 5CA are:

  1. 1. Quality Management
  2. 2. Performance Management
  3. 3. Engagement


As one can see, 5CA has a keen focus on Quality Assessment, and uses Scorebuddy as their QA tool. They use Scorebuddy to promote agent development, as a management tool for scoring & reporting, and as a coaching and training tool. Scorebuddy is used on agent performance to gain in depth insight into results from the assessments and to create a corresponding individual action plan.

5CA's implementation of agent self-scoring, CSAT / NPS analysis, and Scorebuddy analytics is being phased in and they are making significant progress with implementation. The integration of Scorebuddy with Zendesk is also being implemented.

After a few short months, the overall quality is improving and project leads are getting much more detailed information and insights to help them place quality front and center in the firm's value proposition. Training is being applied to fill gaps in agent performance based upon the root cause analyses provided by the Scorebuddy solution.


5CA provided us with a comprehensive list of the activities being supported by Scorebuddy for their QA program, which we feel might be very useful to our readers.

  • - Detailed reporting per project, per agent, per product, etc.
  • - Trend & Root cause analysis
  • - Reporting on calibrations
  • - Coaching & training goals loop
  • - Self-scoring, involve agents actively in how we look at quality
  • - Compliance reporting: GDPR
  • - Quality rewarding system by handing out Kudos points
  • - Integration with a various of ticketing systems
  • - Integration with CSAT and NPS
  • - The option to select specific tickets to be QA'ed

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