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How the NYCCBF Used Scorebuddy to Track Performance, Motivate Agents, and Boost Productivity

The New York City Carpenters Benefit Funds (NYCCBF) provides benefits to thousands of union carpenters in New York City under the collective bargaining agreement between unions and employers. The Fund Office employs nearly 100 people who work to properly administer the plans of benefits and deliver superior service to members.

After taking the decision to implement a quality assurance program for the first time in the history of its contact center, the NYCCBF began its search for a highly-rated QA system and discovered Scorebuddy.

  • Providing representatives with a clear outline of what to expect in terms of quality services being provided by the NYCCBF.
  • Maintaining performance records and tracking what works for the team—and what may require improvement.

Prior to using Scorebuddy, the NYCCBF had been using a rudimentary email-based system to provide feedback to contact center agents. Ultimately, this proved difficult to track, and it became clear that a more specialized quality assurance process was necessary.

Without a prior QA system to build on, the NYCCBF needed a one-stop solution to track performance, provide feedback, and motivate agents. This would then allow the NYCCBF to clearly outline what its clients could expect in terms of quality services provided.

  • Establishing a quality assurance framework to ensure a consistent level of high-quality service for clients.
  • Using Scorebuddy to track team performance, identify weak spots, and provide targeted feedback to each individual agent.

The implementation of Scorebuddy tools like Scorecards and Analytics would allow for both performance tracking and targeted feedback, fulfilling the NYCCBF’s core goals of increasing productivity and motivating agents to improve their performance.

Through this method of tracking and improving performance, the NYCCBF could then establish a feedback loop for agents which would gradually raise the standard of service provided to clients.

  • Improved productivity and a greater number of positive interactions among the team.
  • Team members now use their call scores as personal motivation tools.
  • Agents are better able to identify the areas in which they need to improve performance.

Using Scorebuddy, agents are creating goals based on their Scorecard results, with the desire to beat previous scores acting as a personal motivation tool. Additionally, the ability to review these call scores has allowed agents to develop an understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses, providing them with focus areas when it comes to improving their performance.

The easy availability of in-depth feedback, and the newfound motivation arising from it, has increased productivity across the entire team and led a to greater number of positive interactions among agents.


Scorebuddy made my team more productive and increased the number of positive interactions we had with our members.

Heather Veras, Quality Assurance Analyst for the New York City Carpenters Benefits Funds