How Premia Solutions Used Scorebuddy to Streamline QA and Improve Agent Training

With a customer base comprising over 1 million live policies and ongoing collaborations with over 2,000 dealerships, Premia Solutions has been providing insurance products and services in the UK automotive industry since 2000. 

Given the organization’s sizable customer base—and the long-term ambition of becoming the most trusted, respected insurance provider in the UK automotive industry—it was clear that a robust quality assurance program would be necessary to support the customer service team.

Professional development would be another aspect of this support, with the company also eager to update their learning function and deliver engaging training to both new and existing employees.

  • Refining the QA program to ensure a high standard of service for a sizable customer base
  • Providing ongoing training in support of becoming the most trusted insurance provider in the UK automotive industry


With big ambitions and a large number of customers to support, optimizing the company’s quality assurance program was a key aim for Premia Solutions. This would require a purpose-built QA solution to facilitate evaluations and allow for ongoing reporting and performance tracking.

These reporting and tracking functions would support another key goal for Premia Solutions—the delivery of effective training to both newly-recruited and existing employees via an integrated learning management system.

  • Using Scorebuddy’s QA solution to carry out evaluations and monitor trends and changes
  • Incorporating Scorebuddy’s integrated learning management system into training for new and existing employees


In pursuit of its goals, Premia Solutions implemented Scorebuddy’s primary quality assurance features alongside its integrated learning management system—the only fully featured integrated LMS on the market.

Scorebuddy facilitated collaboration between the Training & QA Manager and respective team managers, enabling departmental quality checks and individual evaluations of team members. For these evaluations, Premia Solutions used reporting and progress tracking features to identify trends and determine whether additional support or training was required.

The learning management system served as a training platform for both new recruits and existing employees, allowing the company to not only deliver training, but also monitor agent progress and determine whether or not the training was having the desired impact via built-in knowledge assessments.

  • Premia Solutions now has a central hub for all quality assurance activities, removing data silos and enabling cross-department collaboration
  • The company’s training program is more effective, with simple enrollment and the ability to track agent learning


Since implementing Scorebuddy, managers at Premia Solutions have been able to quickly and easily access data and insights uncovered by evaluations, removing data silos between departments and streamlining the entire QA process for everyone involved.

Alongside the accessible insights, Scorebuddy’s LMS has made the training process more efficient and impactful. Managers can easily enroll agents in programs without much manual input, saving time while maintaining training quality. Additionally, both the QA & Training Manager and the agent’s line manager receive alerts when an agent completes a course.

Overall, Scorebuddy’s user-friendly interface and customization capabilities have improved efficiency, streamlined quality assurance, and enhanced training at Premia Solutions.


Scorebuddy is really user-friendly, we can tailor it to enhance our quality checks, performance tracking, and training delivery.

Martine Nicholson, Training and Quality Assurance Manager, Premia Solutions