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Coaching 101: Why Soft Skills Matter and How to Develop Them

89 percent of employees who fail within a role do so due to a lack of soft skills.

Failure to develop key soft skills will limit your call center’s potential, leading to agent disengagement, weak customer service, and poor brand image.

After all, do customers really want to talk to an agent who isn’t capable of empathy, emotional intelligence, and effective problem-solving?

But how do you know which soft skills to develop? And what are the steps to preparing effective coaching sessions that teach and empower agents?

In this webinar, Aaron Mulville, Account Management Team Lead at Scorebuddy, and Jazmin Lawes, Customer Support QA and Training Manager at Deriv, will discuss:

  • The most important soft skills for contact center agents
  • How to identify coaching opportunities in your team
  • Their top tips for coaching soft skills

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