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How Scorebuddy Helps to Create the Effortless Customer Experience

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TomTom a Dutch multinational developer & creator of location technology and consumer electronicsand the leading independent location technology specialist. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Amsterdam, TomTom released its first generation of satellite navigation devices to market in 2004.

The Challenge

The company was growing and, in order to scale, they needed to revitalize their customer service quality program to keep up with demand in a way that was more effectively consumer-facing. They had outgrown their own internal systems and were eager to find a platform that could provide flexibility and automation. Borrowing much of their approach from CEB's Effortless Customer ExperienceTM, the company re¬wrote their contact center quality evaluation criteria to shift from an organizational and agent-centric approach to one that is truly focused on customers.

CEB suggests making customer service easy. They argue that quality customer service need not to be about exceeding expectations -- going above and beyond does not result in correlating customer loyalty. It is a customer-centric system that consistently meets expectations that is far more valuable to customers, and ultimately to the company-at-large.

Why Choose Scorebuddy?

Scorebuddy is a call center management, agent performance, and engagement solution. Scorebuddy assesses the call center quality of over 30,000 agents across 20 countries each month. Through agent self-scoring and a focus on increasing net promoter scores (NPS), Scorebuddy works to help call centers transform to more strategic framework models that continue to thrive.

With Scorebuddy's proven ability to engage agents, identify trends, and improve overall call center quality, it was the likely choice to partner with the human resources service provider team to help them reach their goals of customer-centricity.

The Results

Improved NPS, better data, better training

Scorebuddy helped implement a self-scoring mechanism that raised agent self-awareness and provided more directly trainable opportunities for call center managers. This resulted in increased customer and employee NPS. Scorebuddy has helped to identify trends by benchmarking NPS scores against competitors and by pinpointing exactly where the greatest opportunities for customer service improvement are.

Scorebuddy gives internal customer service a boost

Scorebuddy helps track the nature of each call and what information customers most frequently request. Agents may not, for example, always be able to have an answer to every question. With improved internal systems in place, an agent may reach out to internal functions or departments to seek the correct information. Scorebuddy tracks these questions and partnerships to improve internal communications, in addition to the work it's doing externally through call center quality assurance improvements.

A stronger strategy born of improved analytics

With improved analytics and trend-spotting, leadership has a far more precise view and understanding of what their call center is doing well and where there are opportunities for growth and change. These insights provided by Scorebuddy helped to create a more efficient call center in a far more customer-centric environment -- one that is consistent in meeting customer expectations.

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