How Urban Utilities Used Scorebuddy to Create a Comprehensive Quality Assurance Framework and Boost Team Morale

Urban Utilities is one of the largest water distributor-retailers in Australia. They have been in business for over a decade and today have more than 1,000 employees serving customers across South East Queensland.

With a growing customer base and increasing demand for support services, Urban Utilities looked to Scorebuddy to establish the framework for a quality assurance system that would align with the company’s ambitions as it expanded its customer service operations.

The implementation of Scorebuddy tools within Urban Utilities’ multi-channel contact center has led to improved morale, increased accountability, and a better overall culture within the team.

  • Establishing a quality assurance system that would align with Urban Utilities’ requirements and grow alongside the company as demand for customer support services increased.
  • Building a more comprehensive, accessible quality assurance system.
  • Transitioning from an internal quality assurance approach to Urban Utilities’ first outsourced quality assurance platform.

With demand for its services growing, Urban Utilities aimed to enhance its services to provide high-quality support to an already-sizable customer base. Having previously used an internal quality assurance system involving manual spreadsheets, the company decided to transition to an outsourced QA platform and discovered Scorebuddy.

They hoped Scorebuddy would provide a more accessible quality assurance platform which would align with the company’s requirements and remain customizable as demand increased.

  • Using Scorebuddy’s Scorecard Builder and Analytics tools to create a more transparent, effective quality assurance system for the company’s multi-channel contact center.
  • Increasing accountability among the customer support team by providing a clear picture of agents’ contributions, results, and outcomes.



Urban Utilities replaced its manually-driven internal quality assurance system with Scorebuddy’s comprehensive, automated platform.

With a particular emphasis on Scorebuddy’s Scorecard Builder and Analytics tools, Urban Utilities streamlined its contact center QA process to create an accountability-driven system where supervisors and agents could view contributions, results, and outcomes in one place.

  • The implementation of Scorebuddy Scorecards and Analytics has allowed Urban Utilities to better monitor contact center performance, creating a system of accountability for agents and boosting team morale.
  • An ability to quickly generate high-level reports and monitor performance metrics within a customized quality assurance system allows agents to track their contributions, results, and outcomes.

Having generated a clearer picture of contact center performance, Urban Utilities could then create a better cadence of accountability for its agents. This newfound clarity within the QA process allowed agents to develop a greater understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that they could take the correct actions to deliver the best customer service experience.

With this enhanced level of understanding and transparency in the contact center, both performance and morale improved among agents, leading to a better support experience for Urban Utilities’ growing customer base.


A Quality Assurance system that provides ease of use for creation of scorecards and high-level reporting

Juliette, Performance Coach at Urban Utilities