Scorebuddy voted in the Top 10 for “Best Contact Center Technology” 2017

    Scorebuddy has been voted “Best Contact Centre Technology” in the Top 10 Contact Centre Technology Awards 2017 on

    Our customers are the root of our success so a BIG thank you, we are delighted with this award.

    Scorebuddy is growing fast but we want you to know that we will always be listening, the ongoing conversation with customers guides the development roadmap delivering real world fixes with every new release. The team are working hard to make great product and this win is a testimony to their efforts (Group Hug J)

    We are particularly pleased by the fact that these awards are independent and that the voters are contact centre professionals that are using the software on a day-to-day basis, thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

    Jonty Pearce, Editor of Call Centre Helper says, “These awards are voted on not by a panel of ‘experts’ but by real life contact centres that are using the technology.  Over 350 votes were received during the voting process and the detailed comments clearly show what customers love about the technology.  Scorebuddy QA scored the largest number of votes and were particularly singled out for being easy to set-up, use and support from the Scorebuddy team.”

    The future is bright! We have another new module at the testing phase which we hope to launch in November, the future is bright (and very busy)!

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    Here are some comments from our customers:

    “I have been a call centre leader for almost 25 years, and have NEVER had such a seamless and easy to use solution for QA. When I think of the endless hours I have spent running pivot tables and spreadsheets for executive meetings – and those hours are all gone since moving to Scorebuddy! I was recently asked to compare Scorebuddy to the competition and my honest answer was: there IS no competition for their product. My team’s productivity has increased almost twofold and the agents love having the dashboard and seeing the feedback in real time.”

    “I have been doing QA for call centre teams for a long time and this is the best tool for providing feedback and doing calibrations that I’ve ever seen.”

    “Scorebuddy is an invaluable tool for every call centre quality assurance”

    “With Scorebuddy we are able to do a very thorough analytics of all Quality evaluations: the agent desktop also enables us communicate with our agents in real time which has improved feedback process and Quality. “

    “Thanks to Scorebuddy our agents become more attentive, listening skills improve and faulty, bad or damaging outcomes are reduced. I fully recommend this to every manager.”

    “The product’s flexibility and the fact it is another member of the team and not just a support tool. The time and motion savings it has given us cannot have a value attached to it.”

    “The Scorebuddy system is user-friendly, has great data analytics and a fantastic technical support team.”

    “Very user-friendly and has become an integral tool for our team when improving customer service.”

    “We love the ease of scoring, reporting, and reviewing valid data; all without manually reviewing Google sheets! The Scorebuddy team is very responsive and quick to assist with any issues as they arise.”

    “They have an amazing product, reasonable prices and are very easy to work with – it is quite simply the best product I have seen/used in my career and am happy to nominate them for this recognition.”

    “They keep updating and improving their product and are really nice people to deal with”

    “Reporting is easy as Scorebuddy does all the work in terms of trend analysis.”

    “Quick and easy to deploy – no complex integration required, produces useful data quickly and easily.”

    “Quick and simple to set up and customise to suit our business.”

    “Ease of use, clear direction, can amend completely to suit your centre operational requests.”

    “All can have access with varying access level.”

    “Incredibly easy to use and to report from – enabling us to evaluate customer service in house as well as that provided by our agencies.”

    “Keeps track of all of the information we need to keep.”

    “Simplicity from an agent perspective in understanding how results are presented.”

    “Support from scorebuddy team.”


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