Award: Scorebuddy - Best Contact Center Software 2018

    Scorebuddy is delighted to announce that they have been voted “Best Contact Center Technology” in Call Centre Helper’s “Top Ten Contact Center Software and Technology” awards for the second time in 2018.

    To read about Scorebuddy's award in 2017, click here.
    To read about Scorebuddy's award in 2016, click here.

    “These awards are voted on not by a panel of ‘experts’, but by real life contact center professionals that are using the technology. Over 3,754 votes were received during the voting process and the detailed comments clearly show what customers love about the technology. Scorebuddy’s call center QA scored the largest number of votes and were particularly singled out for being “very simple for people to pick up how to interact with little training required, Intuitive and scalable and having a very friendly and approachable company/team,” 

    - Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper Editor

    Call center helper award 2018

    The voting form asked for comments on why they were voting for Scorebuddy, here are some of the comments:

    • “I like how well thought-out and put together it is. My team has only been using it for a few months, but we are all greatly impressed.”
    • “Very friendly and approachable company/team.”
    • “Scorebuddy is a nimble and adaptive tool for measuring the entire customer experience. It is easy to use and provides swift and certain distribution of feedback to agents and their managers.”
    • “This product is amazing! Use this product all day every day and it is so efficient and easy to use. Really good analytics available too – keep up the good work!!”

    Everyone on the Scorebuddy team thanks you sincerely for putting us first. “We really value the special relationship we have with our customers” says Derek Corcoran, Founder & CEO of Scorebuddy. “Regular feedback that is both honest and constructive is invaluable, we pay close attention to this feedback because in some ways our customers know the product better than we do. Incorporating real world user experience simply makes Scorebuddy a better and more effective.

    Scorebuddy is a cloud-based contact center QA and staff quality monitoring tool. This simple staff scoring solution replaces spreadsheets and documents for contact centers to score calls, emails or chat. Clients include Airbnb, Microsoft, TripAdvisor, The World Wildlife Fund, and hundreds of call centers and outsourcers around the world.

    Want to learn which questions you should ask to determine whether a QA software is user-friendly? Scorebuddy has your back. Check out the top five questions here.

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