What is Scorebuddy Labs?

Scorebuddy Labs is our innovation center—a space to experiment with new technologies like generative AI to build a better platform. Working with clients and partners, we will validate innovative new approaches to contact center quality assurance and add them to our product roadmap.

What are we working on?

Right now, we’re experimenting with ChatGPT to assess its efficacy in the contact center industry. While ChatGPT is not a ready-made QA solution, our testing has shown enough promise to set it apart as a potential game changer for contact center quality assurance. Stay tuned for updates as we trial real-world deployments.

Emmanuel Doubinsky

“While the implementation of generative AI for contact centers is still in its infancy, the potential of tools like ChatGPT is clear to see. At Scorebuddy Labs we are focused on experimentation, innovation, and, importantly, validation. We want to deliver more than promises to our customers—we want to deliver tried and tested solutions.”

Emmanuel Doubinsky, Head of Innovation, Scorebuddy Labs