Scorebuddy Named a G2 Market Leader for Contact Center Quality Assurance

    Independent research firm G2 has once again named Scorebuddy as a Leader in Contact Center Quality Assurance. This is the second consecutive quarter in which Scorebuddy has featured in the Leader quadrant of the G2 Grid. To attain Leader status, an organization must be “rated highly by G2 users” and have "substantial market presence scores."

    Based on user reviews and market share, the G2 awards are strongly influenced by honest feedback from the end users of our product. That’s why it’s such an honor to be named a G2 Leader—it reflects the sentiment of the customers who actually use Scorebuddy day in, day out.

    “We are delighted that Scorebuddy has been named a leader by G2 for the second consecutive quarter,” said Derek Corcoran, Scorebuddy Founder and CEO. “Our focus has always been the customer, so it’s especially rewarding to receive an accolade based so heavily on customer feedback. We’re working every day to streamline the quality assurance process by improving agent performance, enhancing the customer experience, and providing actionable insights via conversational analytics. Our G2 Leader status will spur us on to develop Scorebuddy even further for our customers.”

    In the fall edition of the report, Scorebuddy has been named an overall leader in the G2 Grid, a mid-market leader, a small business leader, and received a badge for providing the “Easiest Admin for Small Business”.

    The G2 Grid Report is based on a minimum of 10 reviews and ratings in data gathered by August 30, 2022, with products ranked by customer satisfaction and market performance. The G2 Grid has four categories.


    Why Scorebuddy is a Leader

    Scorebuddy improves the contact center experience for both the agent and the customer, streamlining the overall process with a set of tools to capture data, action insights, and measure results.

    With Scorebuddy, you can deliver high-quality customer service at scale, provide targeted training to agents, and monitor regulatory compliance to prevent any breaches. These features, alongside conversational analytics and detailed reporting, will allow you to scale your QA process and monitor the impact of any changes, refining your quality assurance system over time.

    What Customers Say About Scorebuddy

    We know that a contact center can be a high-pressure environment and the Scorebuddy platform is designed with this in mind. Our tools are easy to implement, providing measurable results in a short timeframe. Here are just a few examples of what our customers have to say about Scorebuddy.

    “I love how easy it is to create and design scorecards to fit your needs as a QA manager. I like how you have full visibility of your team.” - Sayed Zoheb G., Quality Assurance Manager

    “The system is extremely easy to navigate and gives us everything we need to be able to monitor quality in our organisation. The Scorebuddy team is so helpful and friendly and also forthcoming with new developments and updates, which we really appreciate. Our account manager is always quick to respond if we have a question.” - Amy Bellinger, Quality & Planning Coordinator

    “Scorebuddy has given our team more insight into areas where we can improve our customer and employee experience. We have leveraged data to improve our training resources for the team which has helped us improve our customer satisfaction scores.” - Shannon Vick

    “I love the Analytics! Super helpful and insightful. You can really get down to the root of where individuals and teams need to improve, with concrete evidence to share with the agent, supervisor, and manager.” - Corinne B., QA Specialist

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