Accelerate Your Contact Center Quality Management

Replace Spreadsheets with Flexible Scorecards that Adapt to Your Business Needs

Get rid of spreadsheets as your business quality needs evolve. Create multiple tailored scorecard designs, choosing numeric, non-numeric or pass/fail formats that meet every requirement.

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Scorebuddy Scorecards Dashboard
Scorebuddy Quality Management Dashboard

Dramatically Improve Operational Efficiency

Reduce the time and increase the accuracy of quality reviews across every customer interaction. See the big picture through detailed reporting and address the root causes of poor service.

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Increase Productivity

Help your QA teams work smarter, not harder. Agent self-scoring, scheduled evaluation lists, automated workflows, and 1:1 reviews significantly reduce the burden on evaluators, supervisors, and agents.

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Scorebuddy Productivity
Scorebuddy Call Center Operations

Streamline Call
Center Operations

Accelerate contact center quality improvements by giving QA Managers and Evaluators a powerful conversation topic search and case selection capability using AI Analytics.

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Understand Why
Customers are Calling

Smart QAs topics engine will analyze 100% of conversations enabling supervisors to understand reasons to call, identify trends, and view associated satisfaction scores.

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Smart QAs Topics

From Our Customers

Veronika Halouzkova

Ryanair initially used Scorebuddy to measure 600 staff and 3 outsource partners throughout Europe. The value was seen immediately as our quality team saved hours every week by not having to struggle with the process via spreadsheets, and the team has found it easy to use. Now at Ryanair we’re hosting over 800 agents with 60+ supervisors across 8 separate locations and nationalities. This requires a lot of emphasis on creating unique scorecards to cater to those different cultures and languages. Furthermore, we are currently getting ready to go live with our Zendesk integration. 

Veronika Halouzkova

Senior Customer Service Manager


Scorebuddy delivers measurable, positive change to contact centers worldwide.
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