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    Questions to Ask When Buying Call Center QA Software

    The last blog in this series of 'what questions to ask...' looks at other general questions that don't fit the pricing, product features or user-friendly categories. Let us know if you think there are any that we missed out on!

    1. Can I test the Call Center Quality Monitoring product?

    The testing phase is really important for making a decision as it allows you to get a feel for each of the options you're considering.

    2. What level of Support is provided?

    There's nothing worse than having a problem with call center quality monitoring software you're paying for and getting no response on a support ticket... and not having a number to call the support team on.

    3. How Safe is my Information?

    You cannot use call center quality monitoring software that isn't verified and secure, you would be breaking your own compliance regulations if you upload sensitive customer information into a platform that isn't secure. A good idea to combat this is to ask the QA tool provider if your IT team can do penetration tests before commencement of your custom.

    4. Who else is using the Call Center Quality Monitoring Tool?

    Credibility is important when choosing a supplier so check out who else is using the product and what they think of it.

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