Using Call Center Quality Assurance Software To Boost Performance

    The success of your call center reflects the success of your brand as a whole. After all, when you delight your customers with fantastic service, 63% of customers will fall in love with your brand.

    That's why it's so important to adopt an efficient call center QA solution that supports your call center, its agents, and your business as a whole.

    Quality assurance (QA) software plays a pivotal role in improving the efficiency and efficacy of your call center operations. It's responsible for helping you deliver top-tier customer experiences across every channel. But how exactly does it work, and what can it do for you?

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    Call Center Quality Assurance is a Necessity!

    As a critical touchpoint for customers and prospects, your call center can make or break a sale. It can contribute to customer churn—45% of customers will never shop with a brand again after two bad experiences. Or it can improve your profits—68% of customers will pay more for brands known for excellent customer service experiences.

    Call center agents bear a large part of the burden for high-quality customer experiences. And by creating a QA evaluation system—based on pre-set criteria—you can identify:

    • negative and positive trends in the call center,
    • agent knowledge and skill gaps,
    • call center operational inefficiencies,
    • customer satisfaction issues,
    • employee engagement needs,
    • compliance risks,
    • and call center goal attainment.

    You can use these QA guideposts to monitor and analyze the agent activity that has the most impact on the company's bottom line. It emphasises the specific actions and overarching approaches your contact center agents should embrace. But your call center cannot do that efficiently without call center quality assurance software.


    The Value of Call Center Quality Assurance Software for Boosting Performance

    Call center quality assurance can be a hit-or-miss proposition when relying on manual monitoring procedures. The human element can make supervisors less objective and lead to inaccurate reporting, which means slower progress toward your call centre's goals.

    On the other hand, combining human insight with a call center quality assurance software can boost overall performance through:

    1. Constantly monitoring and measuring what's important to the business.
    2. Giving comprehensive and immediate feedback on agent performance.
    3. Conducting root cause analysis to identify patterns, system flaws, and other factors inhibiting growth.
    4. Maintaining regulatory compliance and completing routine vulnerabilities discovery.

    It's about pinpointing your call center's strengths and weaknesses and measuring your current performance against benchmarks or goals. You can make incremental improvements every day—as long as you monitor call center KPIs that your team can quickly act upon.

    Call center QA software allows supervisors and team members to course-correct based on real-time input. Sometimes, QA managers can even use these insights to identify and resolve potential problems before they occur. Here are several key metrics to measure:

    • Net Promoter Score (NPS) and CSAT are valuable metrics for monitoring customer satisfaction
    • schedule adherence is linked to productivity,
    • first contact resolution is tied to agent performance,
    • A contact quality management score is linked to agent knowledge and skills.

    As a QA manager, you can use this data to support your agents through coaching, training, and rewarding top performers. Effective follow-up on agent performance results in happier and more productive agents, greater satisfaction, and customer experience improvements. It's a win for everyone.


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    Gain Control Over Call Center QA with Scorecards

    The key to more impactful QA is implementing a right-fit call center quality assurance software. QA software can boost performance and increase visibility, but only if it is cost-effective, simple, and contains all the features you could want. It also must find the right balance between software and human observations.

    Agent QA scorecards also help call centers deliver exceptional customer experiences by assisting agents in improving their skills and increasing customer engagement satisfaction. Scorecards provide QA managers with a quick view of agent performance in one place. Then, leadership can utilize scorecard analytics to make changes that will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue for the business.

    Call center QA scorecards eliminate the need for manual spreadsheets. Instead, they empower your agents to take control of their performance, which increases engagement and can help your company become 21% more profitable and 17% more productive. This blend of software and human is highly beneficial for ongoing technology-driven improvements.

    In the end, scorecards are your call center QA manager's best tool for boosting performance because they provide an in-depth measurement and tracking solution.

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    Scorebuddy has been field-tested for QA in call centers all over the world and offers benefits such as:

    • high-quality performance data management performance delivered consistently,
    • more engaged and confident call center agents,
    • highly positive customer experiences with improved quality of service.

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