Why You Should Integrate Zendesk with Scorebuddy

    Scorebuddy, the market leading QA platform, now offers seamless integration with Zendesk in turn creating new benefits and opportunities for organizations. The Scorebuddy integration with Zendesk can be configured easily from within Scorebuddy and set up takes literally minutes. But what does integrating these two platforms deliver in terms of business benefits?

    7 Benefits of the Zendesk Integration with Scorebuddy

    1. Save Time

    One of the main activities in the QA process is the evaluation of interactions along with the recording of those results. The Zendesk/Scorebuddy integration is designed to make it easy to create targeted or filtered lists of interactions, assign them for scoring and record the results data. Showcasing the case/ticket side by side with the scorecard furthermore speeds up the evaluation process. Reviews also now take significantly less time by having all your key data in one system, further reducing time spent. 

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    2. Increased productivity and efficiencies

    • Synchronising users - keep your user lists in shape with the intelligent mapping system that highlights where users have been deleted or alternatively where new users need to be added in either system.

    • Attaching cases to the QA results - retrieving Zendesk case details as well as any attached media directly from the scorecard, allows agents to self-review all the information in one place.

    • Free up supervisors to focus on important tasks that support and coach agents to deliver improved customer service.

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    3. Omni channel capability

    Evaluate calls, emails, support tickets and chat threads from one consolidated view. Create evaluation lists by channel so that channel specific scorecards can be applied.

    4. Unparalleled teamwork

    The QA review process just got easier; combining case details with the QA result allows agents to self-review and understand where improvements can be made.

    5. Improved reporting

    Combining this with the ability to use Analytical reports, can identify trends and ultimately drill down to the underlying cases, providing more insight to manage positive change and deliver quantifiable improvements in overall quality.

    6. Secure communication

    Scorebuddy uses state of the art security protocols to protect any data shared between systems, ensuring that your security risk profile is maintained.

    7. Ease of updates

    Scorebuddy users will be get immediate access to every new release update. So, rolling out new functionality and a deeper level of integration with the Zendesk platform is automatically performed by Scorebuddy through the integration connector.

    Get Your Free Trial

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    If you are currently a Zendesk and Scorebuddy user, contact your account manager to enable the connection. If you are Zendesk users and don’t use Scorebuddy, see how it can enable your business to measure and improve your service delivery with a FREE 30 day trial. Try out the full version of Scorebuddy's QA solution, including all the integration features with Zendesk. (You must be a Zendesk user to activate the integration.) Click here to request a trial.

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